Oh children of Adam (Alayhisalaam), the Ummah of our Beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW), whose blood was spilt on the Battlefields of Badr and Uhud, whose Mubarak body bled over the rocks of Thaif and whose legs swelled as he stood in prayer all night. Was this done for his Sahaabah, or his family? Or could he see the cracks in the cement of the foundation, which he so solidly laid for his Ummah? No, People of Islam, our Prophet(SAW) has laid the most solid foundation and has sealed it with The Holy Quraan, by the command of Allah (SWT).

His tears, and his prayer were not for the foundation that he laid, but for the Super Structure that his Ummah was to create some 1 500yrs later. This Super Structure which we clad in fancy dress codes and modern ideologies and portray to be “Modern day Islam”. These are the cracks that Prophet Mohammed (SAW) could see 1 500 years ago, these threatening cracks started out small but eventually became so big that it swallowed up much of our once unified Ummah.

We have turned a Perfect Religion, a perfect, way of life, and a perfect example to the rest of Mankind into something that we mould to fit into our hectic schedules, and present this to our Creator as Islam. We have turned our worldly desires into “Evil Dragons” that are slowly burning holes in our Imaan, and it all started when we planted the seed of the fire of Jahannam (HELL) in our bellies by consuming Haraam food.
We have decided that Ribbah (Interest money) was fine to pay for our Children’s education.
We have decided that money won from Casinos, Horse Racing and the lotto was fine to pay off outstanding debts. ASTAGHFIRULLAH!! Where is our community heading? Or are we going to blame this one on Shaitaan as well? Rather than searching within ourselves for a more logical answer.

Halaal does not mean that because a Product has been endorsed by a Halaal Organization it is fine for us to consume. No, People of Islam it is time for us to scrutinize the source of our money and how we earned it, DOES OUR MONEY CARRY THE HALAAL STAMP FROM OUR CREATOR?? Was it earned by the sweat of our Brow and Backs, in a Halaal manner that was pleasing to our Creator? Or does it come from some FILTHY HARAAM Casino or a fancy thorough-Bred horse that was whipped so you could fill your wallet. It is time for the Ummah to take two steps back and look at the children that Allah has blessed us with, who we have contaminated by feeding Haraam. Then ask ourselves, why they don’t respect us anymore, then ask why our prayers don’t get answered anymore, then ask why there is no Barakaah in our money anymore. How long are we going to sit back and become more hardened to the call of repentance and sincere Thaubah?

We pray daily to Allah (SWT) to shower his Rehmaah on the Ummah, we pray daily for Allah to end the suffering of our fellow Muslim brothers and Sisters and we pray daily to Allah that our children become pious Muslims. It is time that we Muslims remove the filth that is infesting our lives and diluting our beliefs, it is time we remove the lust for this material life, and replace all the Haraam in our systems by good clean Halaal habits. Then go back to our Mussallahs and sincerely make Thauba. Then and then only will Allah (SWT) answer our every prayer, for he is Ghafoor Rur Raheem, and has promised to answer all duas as long as they are within the perimeters of Islam.

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