its all red and white
It’s all red and white…
“I’ll kiss a crocodile and drink turpentine if only you would be my valentine”

Fresh, silky, reddest of red roses, delicately fragranced …a box of the finest most decadent chocolates…the cutest, cuddliest teddy bear money can buy… the latest, most exclusive, designer perfume … the best of everything to celebrate that special day-but alas…the roses have died, the chocolates have been eaten…the teddy bear isn’t so cute anymore and the fragrance is no longer as sweet as it was. In fact it is rather a bitter reminder of what once was. A recollection of shattered dreams and empty promises, the loss of honor and a threat to your Imaan… was it worth it?

This is the nature of the world that celebrated St. Valentine’s Day, the day that’s reserved for the declaration and expression of true love, the day that young students in high school and universities eagerly await, the day that young couples plan out to the finest romantic detail, the day that leaves many wallets empty in its wake. Also, the day that single girls dread… for if she has not even a rose to show, does that now mean that she is not special? That she is of no value? And more so, how would she face her female friends, who have each been showered with gifts and spoilt with gifts. As sad and absurd as that is, it is even more sad and absurd that we, Muslim teens, fall prey to this day.

The emphasis that we place, the red and white that we wear in honor of a day so stupidly invented, that has no place in Islam, no place in our culture, no place in our lives. Everything that St Valentines day stands for is against our beautiful deen… and to anybody who just declares it harmless fun, you are so wrong! There is nothing harmless about a day that celebrates haram relationships that we fall into so wrongly, and there is nothing harmless about the many, many girls-Muslim or not- that are left feeling left out and unworthy. Where’s the harmless fun in all of this?, and how fickle young love is, this year it’s him and next year it would be a different him and the following year there might not be a him…what a complete waste of time, when you sitting and crying over a Haraam relationship that just slipped down the drain, do you think of how he declared that you his ‘one and only love’? When you find out he was seeing another girl, do you remember when he said “I’ll kiss a crocodile and drink turpentine if only you would be my valentine”?

This day, it’s history and all that it stands for is just a ridiculous waste of time and money…a marketing tool that the retail sector exploits, and a day that exploits us, a day of false hope and a risk to our Imaan… so come on people, don’t be fooled…hold out for the beauty of love within Nikkah, where everyday is a celebration, where you are honored for your value as a spouse and where your every act is a labour of love. Let’s stop kidding ourselves, let him or her go kiss crocodiles, and drink turpentine… you don’t have to be anybody’s valentine.

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