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The year is over; the Muftis, the Ulama and the A’imma (Imaams) have delivered their Khutbas and bayaans to the sleeping masses that attend only the Friday Prayer. The majority of the Ummah remain steadfast in their belief that in order to be a good Muslim you need only to Fast in Ramadaan, attend the Jumma Salaah and present yourself at the Eidgah twice a year. With the celebration of Christmas and New Year, the Ummah is still in a daze as to how this wave of Fitnah has affected and chinked their amour of Imaan.

The bright lights and late nights, which the festive season offers has lured the young Muslim kids into a complete frenzy. There was no shortage of entertainment for the young Muslim in Durban, as the Nightclubs were “PUMPING”, the beaches were “CHOKED” and the street parties were “ROCKING” (Astaghfirullah). This was Shaitaan’s night, and there was no stopping him, as he touched the heart of every Muslim child that was out there that night and he won with a One Nil victory. January 1st 2006 goes to Shaitaan. He will now do everything in his power to win the rest of the three hundred and sixty four days. He has already started preparing for the future by ensuring that our young Muslim kids start looking like little “Shaitaans”. They walk around totally intoxicated by HARD CORE DRUGS and spiked hair, studded ears and lips with things hanging out of their ears i.e. Hands free cell kits, PSP ( hand held play stations), MP3 players and I pods.

Let us look at the War torn Middle East and Palestine. When we see photos of children with missing limbs, twisted torsos, gouged eyes, and burnt bodies our hearts immediately go out to those kids. We sink ourselves into deep prayer and pray profusely to Allah for their safety and recovery, not realizing that Allah has a plan and a test for every region. Now ask yourself, what is our test here in South Africa, as we have no wars, no tsunamis no earthquakes, and Allah has blessed us with almost perfect children.

We need to look a bit closer; South African Muslims have a huge problem. Our test is much more severe than the bombings in the Middle East, as our bombs are not by the will of Allah, but by the will of Shaitaan, and Shaitaan has no mercy, shows no compassion and loves it when he destroys and takes over the life of a Muslim child. Our Children may not bare any scars and they may not be missing any limbs, but the wounds that they carry show in their Imaan. Their Imaan is limbless, their Imaan is in a twisted state, and their Islamic way of life lies crippled. Their wounds are turning septic before our very eyes because we as parents see nothing wrong with the way our teenage daughters dress and interact with the opposite sex and because we as parents shield our young sons so as not to bring disgrace the “Family Name”. How long are we as parents going to throw a blanket over our kids and think we are protecting them? now ask ourselves, WHO HAS THE PROBLEM THE MIDDLE EAST OR US? moreover, ask WHOM DO WE NEED TO PRAY FOR? AND WHERE SHOULD OUR HEARTS LIE?

Don’t let another year pass us by without addressing the crisis that we are in. Pick up those crippled, limbless children of ours, they are crying out for help but cannot turn to us as parents because they feel that we are “OLD SCHOOL” and will not understand their problems. Let us sit with our children, find out what their problems are, and START THINKING LIKE A TEENAGER. You can start by injecting them with a fresh dose of Islam and setting a good example to your children so that they may look up to you as their Role Model and not some tinsel town freak that Allah (SWT) has cursed.


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