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Picture this; On the 10th day of Dil Hijjah Ebrahim (AS) is commanded by Allah (SWT) to take his beloved son Ismaeel (AS) to the top of a mountain and have him slaughtered. Does Ebrahim (AS) say to his creator sorry it can’t be done this month as Makkah is full of Hujjaj and he will lose out on a days taking from his business? Does Ebrahim (AS) scratch his head after the command is given and thinks, OK, I will go slaughter my son quickly and return, but my staff must be at work as I cannot lose out on any business for that day? Or does he tell The Almighty Allah (SWT) that he doesn’t mind doing it, but he will send Ismaeel (AS) with some relative because he has just received two forty foot containers that have to be unpacked and sent out to all the stores around Makkah?

This may sound very amusing and disrespectful to our creator; however this today is the reality of the world that we live in. Some of us take the commands of our creator very lightly and carry out our duties with absolutely no conviction or love. We know what is expected of us yet we still show complete disrespect to the laws of our creator. Although it is not stated that one should close ones business, one must understand that the whole idea of Eid-ul-adha is qurbaani (sacrifice for the pleasure of Allah). Sacrifice does not only mean placing a knife on an animal and taking its life. There are so many kinds of sacrifices that we can make for the pleasure of Allah, and one such sacrifice is to keep the doors of our businesses closed for the day of Eid.

We fail to understand where or how our Rizk comes to us. It is not from those forty foot containers, it is not from our bank managers and neither is it from the knowledge that we think we have. Every cent earned (In a Halaal manner) is given to us by Allah and only Allah, know this; That HE is our ‘boss’ and if He commands us to carry out a duty, then to hell with the rest of the world because He comes first. If Allah has decreed that Mr. Muslim will earn himself twenty five Rands today, then Mr. Muslim will earn not a cent less, for that is what is written for him, he does not even have to go to his shop to earn this money Allah will give it to him wherever he is. In the same breath if Mr. Muslim sits in his shop all day and all night hoping to top last years sales figures, all he will earn is that twenty five Rands that Allah has written for him. Today the Muslim has gone so weak only because we fail to understand how and where our Rizk comes from. It is so strange that when the that when the Yahoodi and Nasarrah close their shops on the 25th of December then we too have to do the same, and off course we don’t mind because the kufaar law dictates that we close our shops.

What is very disheartening is when Mr. Muslim takes the decision to keep his business open on the auspicious day of Eid. He invokes his rule on all of his Muslim staff as well, not realizing that most of the staff sacrifices the whole year saving portions of their salary just so that they could also purchase their animals only to hear that they cannot have the day off to take part in this act of Qurbaani. Many face disciplinary hearings, many face the no work no pay rule, and some are even threatened with short time because of their will to carry out the Wajib act of Qurbani. My respected brothers and elders if your will be to keep your businesses open during the days of Eid, then so be it. However, at least consider your Muslim staff that wants to keep the spirit of Eid-ul-Adha alive and allow them to carry on with their religious obligations without fear of being harassed on their return.

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