With the number of problems experienced this year with the new Quota System, many people wanting to perform this ritual will not be able to embark on this journey to the Holy Lands. We say, leave it in the Hands of our Creator, for surely He knows and understands that everyone has a desire to undertake this journey. Whilst thousands of South Africans have been turned down this year, many if not more will be able to reap the benefit and reward of Hajj.

In spite of not being able to physically enter the Kingdom to perform the Hajj your Creator will give you every bit of reward as if you performed your Hajj or Umra. For this you will not need the permission of the Saudi Government, you will not need any money or visa, and you can perform your Hajj / Umra anywhere, and anytime of the year. Our Great Leader (SAW) has told us that if a person gets up in the morning, performs his Wudhu, and then prays his Fijr Salaah in the Musjid. After performing the Fijr Salaah he does not leave, but stay in his place and indulge in some form of Zikr (remembrance of our Creator) until the time of Ishraak (after sunrise), then prays two rakaats of Ishraak Salaah. For this, one will receive the reward of Hajj wa Umra, mabroor (accepted). Ibn Majah – Tirmidi.

This is something we should all start and encourage others to do as well. If one encourages others to do this then, he too will receive that reward unconditionally. Our Great Leader (SAW) has also said that if one calls the other to perform a good deed, then both receive equal reward. Our Creator is always giving us an opportunity to gain huge rewards by performing small sacrifices. What good is that if we ignore His every command and find fickle pleasures in this world? There is no one to blame for our lack of Deen, but ourselves, let us commit ourselves to turning to the Almighty and seeking refuge in Him and our Great Leader (SAW).

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