Why is Hajj so expensive in S.A
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Why is hajj so expensive in SA?

We have just recently moved here to London from Johannesburg . What a world of difference it is here in London . It goes without saying that the Islamic environment in South Africa is much better than here in London , what with all the controversy in the news lately. This is a sign of how fortunate we are back in South Africa . Youth who frequent the malls like Rosebank as well as Fordsburg must sit up and take note of what our Ulema are telling them all the time. In South Africa , we are so fortunate to have Ulema of the quality where they will stand up and speak what is right. In this country , there are so many muslims who do whatever they want , regardless of whether it is in accordance with the Sharia or not. The other day , on the Tube station , a person was eating in front of me. He still comes up to me to say that he is not fasting because he cant manage with Sehri and Iftaar!!!In SA , we will not see that.

 Another fascinating thing about the UK , and this is a positive , is the hajj season here. Agents are only now starting to advertise their haj packages...a decent 3 to 4 week package costs £1, 000!! At today's exchange rate , that is R14 , 100! This package includes accommodation at 4 star hotels in Makkah and Madinah , airfares from London to Jeddah and back , all transfers , a complimentary tea or coffee mug together with tea supplies for a month , face mask , tawaaf counter , shoe bag , SIM card with 200 riyals credit , MP3 player together with bayaans on how to perform hajj. And the best thing....if you are unsatisfied with anything in the package , you are entitled to a full refund!
 Now here is my challenge to all involved in the hajj fiasco in South Africa. The UK has an estimated Muslim population of 1 million ( that is similar to South Africa ). Why then, do we in South Africa, need to apply with SAHUC a year in advance? Why must there be a quota system? It is always a known fact that agents are there to rip people off. Why don't we start taking a stand against them? Here is clear proof that we are being messed about in South Africa .
 I feel this issue must be brought up on Radio Islam. I listen in on radio streaming whenever I get the chance to, but would like to know the outcome of this e-mail.
 Was Salaam

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