Muharram is here once again. Messages of goodwill via all avenues start pouring in to family and friends. Masaajid are elaborately decorated, discourses on Muharram, its significance and importance flow from the pulpits, countless literature bearing the same message are circulated and in a nutshell the ambience is of joy, elation and happiness as we ‘welcome’ and usher in another new year.

But then we ask is this really what Muharram is all about or is there something else that we are missing about this great month apart from it being the first month of the Islamic year?

When we look at the life of a human being we will find that his life is constantly a battle with the silent enemy which is taking away from his greatest favour of Allah Ta’ala. What is most tragic of this state of affairs is that this human being is not even aware of this loss which is occurring on a daily basis. This loss that we are talking about is the loss of valuable TIME.

It comes in a hadeeth that at the dawn of every new day, the day makes an announcement to man saying:

“O Son of Adam, I am a new creation of Allah Ta’ala. One more day, one more extension you have received in your life. Know and understand that I am a vault which will contain whatever you put in me. It will either be good or evil. Tomorrow on the Day of Judgement, in the court of Allah I am going to be a witness in your favour if you spent me correctly or else I’m going to be a plaintiff against you for having wasted and squandered me. So O Man, utilize me correctly, for once I am gone, I will never again return”.

And when this day passes it makes Duaa to Allah Ta’ala with the words, “All praises are due to Allah Ta’ala Who has granted me relief from this world and its inhabitants” and the night also makes a very similar Duaa.

Every human being from the very time he has come into this world has a life that can be made akin to a time-bomb. The moment of explosion is fast approaching in the form of death which there is no escape from and when death bears its claws then there is no turning back. Each one of us have come with his/her own set period of time, Every hour, every minute, every second and every day of this life is precious and valuable. A poet very beautifully says:

“The swift passage of time has become an enjoyment for you O man instead of it serving as a lesson. Little do you realize that every passing day is taking you closer and closer to your death. So in all earnestness work for that which will be for your death and after it for real profit and real loss only in actions.

Hadrat Abu-Darda (R.A.) used to say, “O Man you are but a collection of days. Every day that passes you takes with it a part of you.

Our lives are not for whiling away but instead our lives are to be made. So as another new year dawns upon us it should become more of a cause of reflection than celebration. Reflection of how our past lives have been wasted in frivolity and straying from the objective of our creation which is to worship Allah Ta’ala in a way prescribed by our beloved Nabi Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. This is the only right thing to do at every new year that dawns upon us. All other activities are futile and have no positive bearing on our lives. And more pertinent and serious is that every new-year reflects the gnawing away of our lives through the phenomena of time. This Muharram we may still be the dwellers of the earth. The next Muharram we may belong to those whose places are beneath the earth.



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