BAYAAN REVIEW: The Significance of the Migration
By: By Hazrat Moulana Sulaimaan Moola Saahib

It is indeed part of ones preservation of one’s identity that he remains familiar with his history. Any person who loses touch and grip of his history stands in the way of losing his identity and that too very soon.

And whilst it is no crime or offence to study the history we need to accept that this is in fact vital, integral and paramount that we study the history of our country simply because we are citizens of this country. In addition to this it also becomes important for us to conduct ourselves with dignity so that we do not engage in any action which compromises the image of Muslims globally.

However it would be a matter of sadness were we to master the history of our country and forget the history of Islam- A history which undoubtedly is rich, wholesome and exemplary for humanity till the day of Qiyaamah.

Almost every South African remembers the year 1994-the year which saw our country being liberated from the shackles of the apartheid regime and ushered in a new era of hope and the beginning of a new apartheid free regime.

And then there is no one who does not remember his or her birth date as per the Gregorian Calendar. However how many of us do leave alone remember, but know the Islamic date of our births?

But then how many of us truly and sincerely understand and appreciate the significance and the merits of Hijrah and the role it plays in the annals of Islamic History. Whilst we speak about the long walk to freedom and rightfully so, have we ever pondered and reflected on the long walk from Makkatul Mukarramaah to Madeentaul Munawwaraah in the dead of night.

In this two part bayaan the illustrious Moulana Sulaimaan Moola takes the listener on this journey of Hijrah discovering the merits of this epic and great journey. The introduction of this bayaan is nothing short of captivation as Moulana Sulaimaan Moola Saahib very eloquently describes the heart-rending emotions of the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam as he embarks on this great and significant journey.  Then he goes to the significance of the Hijrah and its role in the Islamic Calendar as he describes the various suggestions that were made by the companions of the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam to mark the beginning of this calendar.

With various verses of the Noble Qu’aan and Ahadeeth all relevant to this topic Hazrat Moulana arrests the attention of the listener as he speaks on various aspects of the Hijrah. And like all his bayaans every now and then a little humour is sprinkled thereby keeping the listener entertained also. After all our Deen is not one of only gloom and doom!

In a nutshell a bayaan which every muslim should listen too with the intent of realising and thereafter preserving his or her Islamic identity. A must listen to bayaan which will leave every listener with a wealth of Islamic knowledge. Not only is this bayaan a gateway to valuable Islamic knowledge but it also every now and then brings out the ills and challenges that the ummah faces with the intent of making us wary of the lamentable and pitiable conditions around us.


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