A person ensnared by the glitz and glamour of this worldly life harnesses all his strength and energies in obtaining these. In addition to this he has great faith and trust that all this will not be in vain. His existence, purpose and ultimate goal is thus governed by this and this is what has become the vicious cycle of life equated to 21st century living. In a world where almost everyone is moving in this direction, this is normal. Those who have freed themselves from this scourge are regarded as abnormal, laid back and not being go-getters.

We think that wealth makes us powerful, gives us status and prestige. We think that the medicines we take cure us. We think the food we eat keeps us alive otherwise we will die. Our deep involvement in this Dunya forces us to believe that those who have material support are more successful than the others. In fact this is the only yardstick we know to measure success.

However, if we are to study the Qur’aan and Hadeeth objectively we would shockingly discover the reality that these ideas, dreams and goals are nothing but illusions and delusions.

This is exactly what Allah Ta’ala calls this dunya. A DELUSION. The dictionary defines this word as “a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence, especially as a symptom of a psychiatric condition or a false or mistaken belief or idea about something. Allah Ta’ala says:

“Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, a show and boasting among yourselves, a quest for greater riches and more children. Its similitude is that of vegetation that flourish after rain: the growth of which delights the tillers, then it withers and you see it turn yellow, soon it becomes dry and crumbles away. In the hereafter there will be either severe punishment or forgiveness from Allah and His good pleasure. The life of this world is nothing but a delusion.” [Suratul Hadeed, verse: 20]

And if the above is not proof enough for the deceptive nature of Dunyaa then it would be worthwhile to closely study the lives of those who have made the Dunyaa the only objective in their lives. Behind the scenes of Hi-class and gracefull living with flashy cars, palatial homes and all the fringe benefits that wealth brings is another kind of life. Sordid, morbid and fraught with unimaginable problems. Depression, insomnia, drug abuse to name but a few govern these lives. If this is not a curse of Dunyaa then what else can it be? The lives of celebrities and the lives of the wealthiest people on earth more often than not have these features in them. They say it comes with the package!


Man wastes his lifetime running and hankering after something which has no real effect and benefit on anything except that he ruins his hereafter. Running after the Dunyaa and amassing it is not our objective. Had it been so it would have not been condemned by Allah Ta’ala and His beloved Messenger Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. Instead the sole and only purpose of our lives is for the worship of Allah Ta’ala. When we harness our energies and focus on attaining this objective then automatically our already long decreed shares of Dunya will follow us. Allah Ta’ala Himself has told us this when He said in a Hadeethul Qudsi

O son of Adam, busy yourself with my worship and I will fill your chest with riches and alleviate your poverty, but if you do not do so (and instead hanker after the world) I will fill your hands with problems and never alleviate your poverty.” (Tirmidhi)

Whenever Muslims placed their Trust in Allah Ta’ala and fulfilled the objective of their creation then Allah Ta’ala helped them even thought their material resources were few and scant.

Islam did not grow and rise on account of the wealthy. In fact it was those whose lives were dotted with poverty who were the first people to accept Islam. And then in the first battle of Islam we again witness the insignificance of wealth to success. Muslims lacked every material resource at Badr, but they were helped by Allah Ta’ala because of their Faith in Allah Ta’ala which only came about because of their unfaltering devotion to Him. But in Hunayn Muslims were well equipped in everything, however many of them relied on these resources until the earth became tight for them and they realised that it is not the material things that profit but it is the help of Allah Ta’ala that gives success. Therefore, a believer does not rely on the material resources, even if the resources are in abundance.

“Allah has indeed helped you in many battlefields and on the day of Hunayn: when you were proud of your great numbers, but the numbers availed you nothing. The earth, with all its vastness, seemed to close in upon you, and you turned your backs and fled. But Allah sent down His Sakeenah (peace and tranquility) upon His Messenger and the believers and sent down to your aid those forces which you could not see, and punished the unbelievers. Thus was the recompense for the unbelievers.” [Suratut- Taubah: Verses 25-26]

Thus the Dunyaa is nothing but delusional and deceptive. And all efforts connected to it are the same. Incredible, beautiful, stunning are the words we normally use when we are fascinated by something of beauty in this world but this is what deception is all about. Nice from far but far from nice!

On the other hand Deen is the absolute truth. All efforts connected to Deen are the same. The astounding beauty and grace reserved for Allah Ta’ala’s faithful and devoted servants in Jannah as foretold in Qur’aan and hadeeth are true and everlasting unlike dunyaa which is fleeting and temporary.

The success of this Ummah does not lie in Dunya but rather it is in the Deen that Allah Ta’ala has made us custodians of. Current pitiable conditions gripping the ummah, tells of an ummah caught in the grips of materialism and hedonism. This is where it all starts but has to end should we wish to change our conditions around. Remember Allah Ta’ala does not change the conditions of a nation until they change themselves. Run after the Aakhirah and the Dunyaa will run after you. But run after Dunyaa and it will run faster away from you. The chase is never-ending and may just come to an abrupt end when death bares its claws on us!




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