1437 A.H. - We will recognise you!


I am often in the classroom, and an interesting informal study that I sometimes do at our Islamic schools is the Hijri date test. “Raise your hands; how many of you know what Islamic year weare in? A few hands raise. Accompanying this activity is asking learners on their Hijri/Islamic birth dates. Even a poorer response unfortunately. Sometimes I may even get a response like, “I didn't know I had an Islamic birth date.” So, I pull out my Gregorian/Hijri calendar app and start dishing out their Islamic birth dates. The excitement fills the air as each learner is amazed to learn that he or she was born in Muharram, Ramadaan or DhulHijjah, or even shares a date with a great personality. Well sadly, thisis the reality we face. We are not in touch with the Islamic calendar. Being in a non-Muslim country, or interaction with the Gregorian calendar is no excuse. Keeping in touch with the Islamic calendar is keeping in touch with Islam. It unfolds for us our history and events, as reminders and as a constant formof encouragement, consolidation and reformation on a yearly basis for each and every Muslim.


So 1437 A.H. is here. Let’s first get use to recognising the date, reading it, digesting the century it represents in Islam. It is the calendar recognised and approved by Allah (SWT) and our beloved Rasool (SAWS). It should be given the reverence and attention it deserves.


Allah (SWT)’s mercy engulfs all things. 1436 has passed us and, like the spirit of a new year, we should embrace 1437 with all positivity. Those that have erred previously should know that Allah SWT is Oft-Forgiving and Most Merciful. We should take stock of our actions and plan well for the coming year. The many events that surround the new year and the month of Muharram fill us with hope and fortitude to persevere in good action, in standing up for the rights of the oppressed and in striving for self reformation.


No progress can be made without deep introspection, so seize this opportunity to self reflect. What are our goals? How can we improve in our character and relationships? How can we make a change to ourselves and those around us.One thing for certain is, that with every new year, there is a loss of a year. Life is unpredictable. Move towards positive progress and change in all aspects of our life. As is mentioned in the Quran, “Indeed Allah does not change a nation until they change what is within themselves.”


So, 1437, we are going to remember you this time. Not just as a passing date, but throughout the year, as a means of reviving our Islam and gaining closeness to Allah and our Beloved Prophet (saws). May Allah SWT bless the Ummah and may this year be a positive turning point in the history of Islam.


Sheik. Y. Kathrada

Orient Islamic School


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