Are you constantly suffering with nagging aches, pains, “knots” from your neck to your back or legs in fact anywhere in your body?Do you often press on these knots or painful spots and start feeling pain referring to various parts of your body? You could be suffering from a condition called Myofascial Pain Syndrome, which in fact is a fancy way of saying muscle pain.

Myofascial Pain syndromeis a condition that affects the muscles, the sheath of the tissue calledthe fascia that surround the muscles, tendons and ligaments. It can involve a single muscle or a group of muscles at a time. These knots are referred to as trigger points, and can become very painful causing neck and back pain, headaches, joint pain and generalised stiffness. The pain of these trigger points can vary in nature from sharp, dull, throbbingto even electric (pins/needles sensation).

Your next question in your mind is how am I getting these knots and what can I do to treat them?

Myofascial pain may develop from a muscle injury or from excessive strain on a particular muscle, ligament or tendon. Other causes include: joint dysfunction, poor posture, repetitive motions e.g. bending/lifting/constant typing/suddenly waking up incorrectly, vitamin deficiencies amongst various others.

Instead of popping painkillers on a regular basis come in for a chiropractic non-invasive treatment approach! Treatment includes myofascial release via massage, heat&ice therapies, dry needling, stretching, strapping or the use of various modalities for example TENS. Specific to chiropractic, joint manipulation is vital in aiding the release of soft tissue. So depending on the area of complaint, the joint movement will also be assessed.

Not everyone’s pain will be the same nor caused by the same thing, so come in for your unique consult and assessment and let’s see if I can help resolve the aches, pains and moans.

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