Islamic History: The Noble Birth

Islamic History: The Noble Birth


The greatest of humans, the leader of the children of Adam (AS), Muhammad bin Abdullah (saw) made his blessed appearance into this world approximately two months after the incident of the elephants at dawn on Monday the 8th or the 12th of Rabi'ul-Awwal corresponding to April 570 A.D. in Makkah Mukarramah in the house of his beloved uncle, Abu Talib.






The mother of 'Usmaan bin Abul-Aas (ra), Faatimah binti 'Abdullah says:

"During the blessed birth of Rasulullah (saw), I was with his mother Aaminah and I clearly noticed the whole house radiating with Noor and I also saw the stars stooping so low down that I thought they would come crashing down onto me”.





'Irbaad bin Saariyah (ra) relates that during the blessed birth, Rasulul1ah's (saw) mother observed a Noor (radiance) that illuminated the palaces of Syria. According to another report, the palaces of Busra were illuminated. It is reported on the authority of K' ab Ahbaar (ra) that the old scriptures portray the destiny of Rasulullah (saw) thus:


''Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah; his birthplace will be Makkah and his migration

will be towards Yathrib (Madinah) and his rule will be over Shaam."


Hadhrat 'Aa'ishah (ra) relates: "For purposes of business, a Jew was residing in Makkah. On the night Rasulullah (saw) was born, he asked the Quraysh if a baby boy was born that night. The Quraysh dismissed him by indicating their ignorance but he was adamant and insisted: "At least make some enquiries because the Prophet of this Ummah was born tonight. This child has a symbol (seal) of prophet hood between his shoulder blades. He would not be able to drink any milk for two days because a jinni has placed a finger over his mouth." Without further delay the people got to their feet to investigate this matter. They discovered that a boy was born to 'Abdullah bin 'Abdul-Muttalib. The Jew begged to be taken along with them. When he caught sight of the symbol (seal) of prophethood between the shoulder blades, he fell down unconscious. As he regained consciousness he
asserted: "Prophethood has vanished from the Bani Israa'eel. 0 people of Quraysh! By Allah! This infant will launch such an attack upon you that news of this attack will rapidly spread from east to west."


On the same night an earth tremor struck the palace of Chosroes causing all fourteen towers of the palace to crumble. Furthermore, the fire that was perpetually blazing for over a thousand years in the Persian fire-temple abruptly extinguished itself. Lake Sawah also unexpectedly dried up.


Ishaaq bin 'Abdullah (ra) narrates from Hadhrat Aaminah that when Rasulullah (saw) was born, he was exceptionally clean and dirt-free. He did not have the normal effects of after-birth or any form of dirt on his blessed body.


Hadhrat Abbaas (ra) narrates that Rasulullah (saw) was born circumcised and furthermore, his navel was neatly cut. When his grandfather 'Abdul-Muttalib caught sight of this, he was amazed and remarked: "Verily, this son is bound to become a man of lofty status."


On the seventh day after Rasulullah's (saw) birth, 'Abdul Muttalib performed the 'Aqeeqah and invited all the Quraysh to this function. He then proposed to keep the child's name Muhammad. The Quraysh, startled by such an innovative name enquired: "0 Abul Haaris! (This was the title of 'Abdul Muttalib) Why do you propose to keep a name that was certainly not kept by your forefathers or any of your family members?" 'Abdul Muttalib replied: "I propose to name him Muhammad (the praised one) because I want Allah Ta'ala in the sky and His creation on the earth to praise him."


Before the birth of Rasulullah (saw), 'Abdul Muttalib actually saw a dream that inspired him to keep the new-born child's name Muhammad. He dreamt that an iron chain is being extracted from his back. One end of the chain is towards the sky and the other end is towards the earth. One end is towards the west and the other towards the east. A little while later, the chain transforms itself into a huge tree. Every leaf of the tree was glittering with brightness seventy times more intense than the brilliance of the sun. People from the east as well as the west are clinging onto its branches. Some of the Quraysh are also clinging onto this tree whilst a few others from the Quraysh are determined to chop it down. Whenever this group decides to approach the tree with this intention, a handsome young man comes and pushes them aside. In the interpretation of the dream, ‘Abdul Muttalib was informed that amongst his descendants, a boy will be born. People from the east to the west will follow him devotedly. The beings of the sky as well as the earth will sing his praises. That is why he kept his name Muhammad. His mother, Aaminah was also directed in a dream to name him Muhammad. (Seeratul Mustapha).

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