The Quraan
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The Quraan

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I glare at them.

“You don’t know? What do you mean by you don’t know?”

Their indifference frustrates me.

“You’ve spent half a century and more money than seconds in developing this syllabus. Now you’re telling me, that you still don’t know everything… and that every Philosophy I’ve bothered to learn, will certainly be revised in a few years time…?”

I don’t need their silent nods to confirm it – I’m done with being a part of this senseless system.

I was a student of Philosophy – until my Professors revealed that the knowledge of Philosophy has and always will change with time.

But how can the knowledge of Philosophy – the science of the meaning of human existence – change, when the basic nature of man never changes? Centuries ago man had to eat, drink, sleep and multiply until he died. Today, man still needs to eat, drink, sleep and multiply until he dies.

This only meant one thing: the knowledge of Philosophy is incomplete.

Or worse – it’s incorrect.


An angry tear trickles down.


I had been made a puzzle-piece in the ‘Philosophy Paradigm’. I was a means of discovering new clues to a solution that people after me would enjoy. Future generations would understand the meaning of life and thus make the most of it... Not me.

How unfair!

I struggle to accept this injustice – why should my efforts bear fruits for successors I don’t even care about? Heck, for successors I don’t even know?

I am in existence now and I have only one chance to live. Call me selfish, but I need to eat, drink, sleep and multiply until I die and humans who come after me too will need to eat, drink, sleep and multiply until they die.

So what makes them more deserving?

 What makes them more deserving of the complete ‘Philosophy Paradigm’ - the complete manual of human existence - than me? Our needs will always be the same even if they’re satisfied through different means. 

I want the complete Manual for Mankind, one that will not change. Anything that changes will always be incomplete. It may even contain mistakes. Anything that’s incomplete or filled with errors can never be at its best.

I need the best “Manual for Mankind”. And I need it at its best. Because I want the best of, for and from MY existence, from MY life… I just don’t know how to get it.

Until the words slip from my mouth:

“Do you know of any book or any concept or anything that has never changed since its creation?”

A single “no” expresses their irritation. I am wasting their time. I stand without renewing my registration and greet as I head for the door. That’s when he speaks:

“The Qur’aan”

I glance at the speaker – an inconspicuous lecturer.

“The Qur’aan, an Arabic script” he repeats “has never changed.”

I nod my thanks and leave.


“I’m home”.

My mother’s greeting is warmer than the freshly baked cupcakes she’s just removed from the oven.

“It didn’t go well did it?” Mum asks.

I shrug.

“Have a cake. We’ll discuss it when Dad gets home”

Mum baffles me. Had it been any other home in all of Indian South Africa, I bet this would not have been the conversation of a parent asking their ‘genius’ child as to whether they just dropped out of University or not.

I take a bite of the cake. It crumbles. At least my world is not the only thing that’s crumbling. As the cake crumbles into my mouth, it leaves the sweetest taste on my tongue.

If only the crumbling of my world left a sweet taste on someone’s - anyone’s tongue, it would perhaps be worth it.

“Would you ever dedicate your entire life to finding a cake recipe, if you knew you were never going to bake it let alone eat it?” I ask mum.

Mum pauses before she answers “Depends… will anyone else bake it and eat it?”

“No, they’ll change it before they do. Multiple changes, multiple times.”

“Obviously not, it would be a waste of my precious time. Only a fool would do that” Mum says.

“Thanks Mum.”

I refuse to be a fool.


“I am not made by Man.” The thought comforts me.

If Man’s system of finding out his purpose is riddled with unfairness, how will a manual created by him ever be fair? How will it ever be complete & correct?

The type of manual I need for my own existence needs to be created by whoever created me. No one knows me better than my Creator.  So no one will know how I can achieve the best of, from and for my existence except my Creator.

The Creator who made me, and every other human I see with the need to eat, drink, sleep and multiply until we die, would not make the horrible mistake of making every human with equal needs, an equal essence of existence, but with unequal guidelines to understanding our existence in this realm.

 If my purpose was to develop this Manual for the rest of Mankind, then it would only be logical for me to see and apply the finished product of it during my existence… which means no man would die. Or then my needs would be different from those of the past and those of the future.

There had to be a Manual for Mankind to follow that was created by the Creator of mankind and the first sign of it being from the Creator - it would never change with time for the same species.

The Creator of man’s knowledge is complete enough to compile a complete Manual for Mankind without the need for revision. The Creator of man knows everything about man and knows it perfectly, without any error… So a Manual for Mankind from him would not change once it’s created.  Complete and correct, with no need to be changed.

The lecturer’s words flash through my mind: “The Qur’aan has never changed”


After many debacles, I promise myself to never blindly believe what anyone says ever again.

“Further your studies – you’ll get a job”, they said.

“Go to medical school – you won’t regret it”, they said.

“As long as you have money – you’ll be happy”, they said.

“Study philosophy – you’ll learn the meaning of life”, they said.

Experience, aside from statistics, taught me that the words of people have to be verified.

Before I dedicate my time to another alleged “Manual on the Meaning of Life for Mankind” – I must verify if it really is worth my time.

So begins my thorough verification of the Qur’aan as an unchanged book.

I am pleasantly surprised.


To be continued in the next issue, Insha Allah.......

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