Rains are scarce and dam levels are plummeting to dangerously low levels.  Water restrictions have been imposed in many towns and cities across the country. The call is made to conserve, save and use water sparingly. The nation stares one of the worst droughts in the country’s history, in its face. First it was load shedding that left us in the dark and now its water restrictions. How much worse can it get many would ask?

Experts attribute this catastrophe to global warming and other geological and scientific factors. True this may be but we cannot forget that this is the secondary causal factor not the primary one. There is another picture, the bigger picture to this difficulty- the picture that we seem to have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to or simply we have forgotten.

Every atom in this universe is controlled by Allah Ta’ala. Not a leaf falls from a tree except with His command. Winds blow under his command. Clouds are driven under His command. Rains fall under His command too. Everything in this universe is controlled and governed by Him. It is for this reason that He is Allah, The All Mighty, The All-Powerful.

And then there is also an over-riding system whereby Allah Ta’ala controls the world. This system either runs smoothly or is disrupted. The disruptions come in the form of catastrophes of all sorts and kinds. For the system to run smoothly the pre-requisite is clear and simple. Man needs to live in peace and harmony with first His creator and then His creation. On the other hand should this not happen then hell breaks loose on earth. Sequential catastrophes become the norm-hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods and droughts dominate the earth as we witness today.

As a nation facing one of the worst droughts in history it is time we ponder and reflect at its real causes. The call to use water sparingly may be in place and may be the need of the hour but this is not the real solution to our plight. This is only a temporary solution. For verily even the little water we have will be depleted regardless of how sparingly we use this. So what is the real solution?

Ulama are going hoarse in their voices exhorting us to return to our purpose of creation and become true servants of Allah Ta’ala. This has always been the clarion call of our Ulama. Today as we face this natural disaster Ulama have intensified this message. Many of us have already heard bayaans or read on the reasons for the deprivation of rain but are we still going to ignore the real cause and focus on the other superficial causes?

It is time we put right our affairs-firstly with Allah Ta’ala and then with His creation. If we are to examine the causes as to why rain is withheld we would realize that it is more on account of sins associated with the rights of fellow human beings rather than sins associated with the rights and obligations of Allah Ta’ala. Those whose rights we have forgotten or those whose rights we have usurped or trampled upon.

Living in a world where hedonism and self-gratification is the order of the day and furthermore enamoured by the superficial glitz and glamour of it is the direct cause of the above sin. Today we have become so attached to Dunyaa that it has become the centre and focus of our every effort. Our heads are in sajda but hearts are in Dunyaa. So deep is our attachment to Dunyaa that we’ve gone to the frightening extent of measuring success only by it. Those who have it all are regarded as successful whilst those who don’t have it are regarded as failures and losers.

Thus having become obsessed with Dunyaa and all its fineries we have left no stone unturned in acquiring as much as possible of Dunyaa. In our insatiable quest for this we have become heartless and callous trampling and usurping the rights of anyone and everyone who we come across along this mission. Relentlessly we are in hot pursuit of this superficial dream.

Just how many families today amongst us are being deprived of inheritances which rightfully belong to them? As shocking as it may be, some families are still awaiting the wounding up of estates which should have been done 40 years ago. The direct heirs have also been long gone whilst patiently awaiting their inheritances.

 How many employees of ours today battle to make ends meet simply because we do not want to pay them a liveable wage? Their monthly wage in many instances is a quarter of our monthly instalment on the luxury sedan parked in our garage. And then we feel they are being overpaid. If this is not oppression then what else can this be?

 How many of our business deals and dealings are fraught with haram activities. Back door goods, crooking the books, grey, black market and whatever other colour goods! All this we candy coat it and cleverly call this ‘business acumen’ and we are lauded for this in the business world.

And all this oppression on the creation of Allah Ta’ala is the direct cause of the drought we face currently. It is not so much our neglect of Ibaadah that has caused this but it is more the oppression of our own hands that’s the actual cause. This is stated in the hadeeth of our beloved Nabi Sallallaahu Alaihi wa Sallam where he is reported to have said

 “Whenever a people generally start cheating and deceiving others in business and commerce concerning commodities which are sold by weight or measure, then inevitably Allah subjects them to punishment by droughts and scarcity of goods.(Ma'aariful Qur'aan vol 4 p66')

 In another Hadeeth it has been reported by Hazrat Abdullah bin Omar Radiallaahu Anhu in Ibne Maajah as follows: 'When people generally indulge in deceitful acts such as giving less than is due on them in things which are sold by either weight or measure, then such people are undoubtedly punished by Allah with widespread droughts, serious calamities and the oppression of rulers over them.


So whilst Ulama speak of sins that has burdened the Ummah and has become causal to the current drought it becomes more imperative in this day and age to be specific. After all certain sins have certain effects. The current drought is on account of a specific set of sins as told of in the Ahadeeth above!

May Allah Ta’ala save us all from falling into the trap of becoming enamoured by Dunyaa. After all is it not on account of this that the above sins have entered our lives?

May He grant us the taufeeq of turning to Him in repentance in the way prescribed by Him and His beloved Nabi Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, Aameen.

NOTE: The repentance of sins associated with the creation of Allah Ta’ala can only be true once their rights are given back to them! Regret and remorse of this sin without giving back their rights maybe taubah but it will not constitute true and real taubah!


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