Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s (Daamat Barakaayuhu) Majlis

Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s (Daamat Barakaayuhu) Majlis

1. Hazrat Munzir bin Qays Radhiyallahu anhu came to Madeenah Munawwarah with a

delegation from his tribe. As they reached, the rest of the delegation went ahead to meet Nabi

Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam while Munzir remained behind. In their absence he took care of

their animals and luggage. When they returned, he took a bath and put on clean clothes and

gracefully and gradually came to meet Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam. Nabi Sallallahu

Alaihi wasallam was pleased with him and explained that he has two good qualities, hilm –

endurance, and the other inaa‘ah – to do things gracefully and gradually.

Overall, when we have endurance and a good level of understanding then the work that we

undertake does not go wrong. Everybody will be pleased with the results. However, if we are

in a rush and hurry to do it then we will spoil things. Allah Ta‘ala loves that we do things

gradually and with understanding and endurance.

2. A pious person had a mureed who asked him to teach him the ism-e-a’zam – that name of

Allah Ta‘ala which when read before any du‘aa, the du‘aa is accepted. The shaikh told him

that you do not have the endurance for it. Eventually after much persistence, the shaikh asked

him to go to a certain street and report back what he sees. When he reached there he found a

weak old person carrying a large bundle of firewood that he had collected and a policeman

was forcefully and brutally commanding him to take it to his house instead. The mureed in

his mind felt that had I only known the ism-e-a’zam I would curse this policeman. When he

reported back to the shaikh what he witnessed and what he felt to himself, the shaikh replied

that this is why I said that you do not have the required level of endurance. Otherwise, you

would have cursed every person that inconveniences you.

 Allah Ta‘ala does not deal with us in such a manner. He deals with us gradually. Had He

dealt with us straightaway, we would not be here now. If He had to call us to account

immediately for our deeds then not a single creature will be spared. It is His plan that we do

things with thought and reflection. In fact, when we look at the Quraan Shareef then it is

filled with this lesson, but it is just those who are intelligent who will reflect. We may be

reading the Quraan Shareef, but without examining and looking at the circumstances of the

incidents mentioned in the Quraan Shareef and why it happened. In all these changes that

take place around us it is as though a voice is calling out: “fafham fafham” – take a lesson,

take a lesson. It is for you to understand that there is some wisdom of Allah Ta‘ala behind

this. Did you ever take out time to reflect over what was the reason for them being

annihilated. We read the incidents of Fir‘oun and the people of Loot (‘alaihis salaam) etc. but

we just carry on. Allah Ta‘ala invites us to reflect and think about it.

3. Allah Ta‘ala speaks of the different phases that man goes through in his creation. In all

these stages he is totally helpless and defenseless. A person comes into this world as an

absolute liability, but on the parents’ side they have been instilled with love. The child only

has two things. One is to cry dearly; any problem it experiences it cries. However, there is no

force on earth that could have taught the child how to cry and why it should cry. The second

lesson that is taught to the child is how to search for milk and how to drink and suckle. Look

at the qudrat and power of Allah Ta‘ala. The child comes into this world with no teeth. You

can well imagine the difficulty the mother would have had to undergo if the child had teeth.

Another sign of the qudrat of Allah Ta‘ala is that the child without teeth looks so beautiful,

but how does a grownup person look without teeth. Think and reflect over the artistry of

Allah Ta‘ala. A little baby girl, if you take off her hair she still looks beautiful, but shave off

the hair of an elderly woman and then see how ugly she looks. The teeth and fingernails are

made up of similar substances, but one continues growing and the other stops. Imagine if our

teeth had to also continue growing. We would have to be visiting the dentist every two weeks

to have our teeth filed. Allah Ta‘ala has created us from a state of total weakness. It is as

though we were embodiments of weakness, without any strength to do anything. However,

man’s failure is that he does not reflect over his past, that this was his condition in the past.

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