From childhood to Prophethood


From childhood to Prophethood

The beloved Prophet (saw) was still in his mother’s womb when his father had left this world. After his birth his grandfather, 'Abdul Muttalib carried him inside the Ka'bah, where he praised Allah, offered Du'a' and named him Muhammad (saw)


After he was born, he drank of his mother's milk. Then for a few days thereafter, he drank the milk of Thuwaybiyah, the slave-girl of his paternal uncle, Abu Lahab. Thereafter Hazrat Halimah as-Sa'diyah (ra) was blessed with this gift which Allah had granted.


It was a custom amongst the Quraysh that they would give their breastfeeding babies to a breastfeeding nurse from amongst the Bedouin tribes. Thus Rasulullah (saw) was given to the most fortunate lady, Halimah, of the Banu Sa’d clan. The women of the Banu Sa'd clan were famous for their abilities in nursing children and teaching them Arabic eloquence and rhetoric. His progress was much greater than that of other children, and within two years, he seemed like a grown child. Thus the Lady Halimah(ra) stopped breastfeeding him when he attained the age of two. She took him back to his respected mother, and
requested to keep him for a while longer. Lady 'Aminah agreed to let him
return with Lady Halimah (ra).

Upon his return to the clan of Banu Sa'd, two angels appeared and opened his blessed chest. They removed a piece of flesh or something black and flesh-like from his blessed heart and threw it away. They thoroughly washed his heart and replaced it in its correct position. It became as it was before. This incident frightened Lady Halimah (ra) who returned Muhammad (saw) to his mother.

Demise of His Grandfather and Mother

When he was six years old, his mother, while returning to Makkah al- Mukarramah passed away at 'Abwa', He remained in the care of his grandfather who passed away when he was eight years old. This was part of Allah's training, the secret of which only He knows. After the demise of his grandfather, his paternal uncle, 'Abu Talib, raised him with tender love and affection. He would always be a staunch defender and helper unto Rasulullah (saw)

How Allah Protected His Innocence

Allah (swt) always kept him far and pure from the filth of the Age of Ignorance and its bad customs. His people considered Muhammad (saw) to be the most modest, truthful and trustworthy amongst them, to such an extent that they called him, "al-Arnin", the Trustworthy. He showed consideration to relatives would lighten people's burdens and fulfil their needs. He would join in works of goodness and piety. In short, his life was amazing and unique since childhood.


Marriage to Hazrat Khadijah


At the age of 25, Muhammad (saw) married an extremely influential lady of the Quraysh, Hazrat Khadijah (ra). She was a beautiful lady, wealthy, possessed deep understanding and was most insightful. Many Quraysh chiefs desired to marry her, but she refused them all. When she heard accounts of the honesty, good character and trustworthiness of Muhammad (saw), she expressed a desire to marry him. His paternal uncle, Hamzah (ra), conveyed the proposal to him. 'Abu Talib recited the
n of the marriage and thus commenced the marital life of Muhammad (saw). Even after her demise, Muhammad (saw), would always mention her with deep affection and remained kind and generous with her surviving friends.


The Other Pure Wives


Rasulullah (saw) never married any other woman during the lifetime of Hazrat Khadijah (ra). Only after her demise did he marry again. This was three years before the Hijrah to Madinah, when he was aged 49. The ladies he married after Hazrat Khadijah (ra) were:


Sawdah bint Zam'ah (ra), 'A'ishah (ra), Hafsah (ra), Zaynab bint Khuzaymah (ra), Umm Salmah (ra), Zaynab bint Jahsh (ra) Juwayriyah (ra), Umm Habibah (ra)
and Maymunah (ra). These total eleven, of which two passed away during his life time, and nine were alive at the time of his demise.


The Pure Children of Rasulullah (saw)


His two sons, Qasim and Tahir, were born from Hazrat Khadijah (ra). It is
from Qasim that Rasulullah (ra) had the family name of Abul Qasim,
It is also said that Tahir was named 'Abdullah. His four daughters were:

Ruqayyah (ra), Zaynab (ra), Umm Kulthum (ra) and Fatimah (ra). Ruqayyah (ra),
was his eldest child. [Others hold this to be Zaynab (ra)]. From Hazrat Mariyah Qibtiyah (ra) he had a son, 'Ibrahim. All three sons passed away during their childhood.


The Other Pure Wives


Hazrat Fatimah (ra) married Hazrat 'Ali (ra). Hazrat Zaynab (ra) married
Hazrat 'Abul 'As bin Rabi'. Hazrat Ruqayyah (ra) was married to Hazrat
'Uthman (ra). After her demise he married Hazrat Umm Kulthum (ra). Thus

he is called Zun Nurayn - He of the Two Lights.


It is in Allah's wisdom that Rasulullah (saw) did not have surviving male offspring, and that his progeny continued in this world through the female channel, specifically through his daughter, Hazrat Fatimah (ra). The other daughters either did not have children or their children did not survive.




When he was 40 years old, Hazrat Jibril al-'Amin (as) came to him to
give the command of Prophethood from Allah. He was at that time in the
Cave of Hira' where he was engaged in Allah's praise and glorification,
pondering over the divine power and system. The angel said, "Read!"
Rasulullah (saw) replied that he was not one who could read. The angel then grabbed Rasulullah (saw) and held him so tightly that he felt uncomfortable. He then released him and again said, "Read!" Rasulullah (saw) again replied that he could not read. The angel again grabbed him and held him most forcefully. He released him and said for the third time, "Read!" Rasulullah (saw) said that he could not read. Hazrat Jibril (as) grabbed him and pressed against him thrice. Releasing him he said:

Read in the Name of Your Cherishing-Lord who created. He created man
from a clot Read and your Cherishing-Lord is Most Noble. Who taught the
means of the pen
. He taught man which he knows not [al- 'Alaq: 1-51

This strange incident made Rasullulah (saw) worried. He went home, his blessed forehead dripping with perspiration due to intense fear. When he arrived, he said to Hazrat Khadijah (ra), “cover me! Cover me quickly! I sense danger.”

Hazrat Khadijah (ra) responded:

Never! By Allah! Allah will never humiliate you. You maintain family ties and show consideration to relatives. You lighten the burden of others. You help those in need. You display hospitality to the guest. You help the innocent who have been afflicted.” (Bukhari)

After consoling him, Hazrat Khadijah (ra) took the Prophet (saw) to her elderly cousin, Waraqah bin Nawfal. Hearing the whole incident, Waraqah exclaimed:

This is the same angel who came to Musa (as). If only I were young and could live until that time when your people will evict you.


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