Fasting and Feasting = Weight Gain

Fasting and Feasting = Weight Gain



Don't break your fast with a feast or you may put on weight instead of losing it. Yes, if you are not careful, food eaten during Sehri and Iftar can cause some weight gain. 

Approach the fast with discipline, and use it as an opportunity to lose weight and develop healthier lifestyle going forward. 


Ramadaan is about self discipline, self respect and self control. It is important to remember these three points and incorporate it into all aspects of these holy days.

Remember to keep your food intake simple and not differ too much from your normal eating habits. Your Suhoor and Iftar meals should contain foods from all the major food groups such as fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates such as bread, cereals, potatoes, proteins from chicken, meat, fish, lentils as well as milk and dairy products.


Complex carbohydrates are foods that help release energy slowly during the long hours of fasting. They are found in foods such as barley, wheat, oats, millet, semolina, beans, lentils, wholemeal flour and basmati rice. These are better choices than refined carbohydrates which are broken down quickly and leave you hungry early in the day. An example of this would be heavily processed white flour, white sugar, such as those found in a typical meal of waffles and syrup.


Fibre-rich foods, from fruit and vegetables are also digested slowly and include bran, cereals, whole wheat, grains and seeds, potatoes with the skin on, vegetables such as green beans, and almost all fruit, including apples, pears, apricots, prunes and figs.


Ensure that you maintain a good intake of water. This will allow for rehydration before and after the fast but also prevent overindulgence and constipation. Avoid caffeine-based drinks such as tea, coffee and cold drinks. Caffeine being a diuretic, stimulates faster water loss through urination.


Suhoor, should be a wholesome, moderate but filling meal that provides enough energy for many hours. Cereals, oats, low GI bread, eggs and the addition of vegetables here will ensure a constant release if energy and allow you to manage the day successfully. 


Breaking the fast with dates is a part if the Sunnah, but remember moderation is fundamental to any successful weight loss program.


Deep fried, fatty foods will RAISE cholesterol and well as cause WEIGHT GAIN in Ramadaan. A simple solution is baking samooas, enjoying kebabs as a savoury and substituting white flour based savouries for brown and whole wheat flour. If you really can't do without the deep fried samoosas, then shallow fry- yes this makes a difference!!


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