What Is Organic? / Is that really Milk You’re Drinking? / Change Begins Here

What Is Organic? / Is that really Milk You’re Drinking? / Change Begins Here

The concept of Organic On Stores was born from a single idea…change. Especially after observing the gross violations of human responsibility that multi-national corporations and big pharma have inflicted upon us. All of this, solely for the pursuit for more, at the expense of humankind and the wellbeing of the earth.

We’ve also seen a dramatic decline in overall general health and collective wellbeing with a scary increase in chronic illnesses. We all know it. Some of us scared to except it but it’s undeniable that something is drastically wrong.

The conclusion is that the body can only react to something that it has been exposed to which would include the air and atmosphere that we breath, the harsh EMF frequencies around us , the chemicals from synthetic soaps, toiletries and skincare products that absorbed by our skin into the bloodstream daily, this coupled with the nutrient deficient foods which are predominantly Genetically Modified or full of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides as well as irradiated (radiation treated). The conventional meat we consume are subjected to torture, stress, and inhumane conditions along with a range of hormones and antibiotic that are injected into these poor animals

What we have to still realize is that by consuming these foods, our bodies are the recipients of all that stress and fear, all those harmful chemicals and radiation, all those hormones and antibiotics and the nutrient deficient foods (GMO). Unnatural Processed Milk for example has been linked to the primary cause of some allergies and intolerances.
This begs the question “Do you really need a doctor to tell you why you feel the way you do?” Unless of course its serious infection or surgery.

The effects of the above are numerous, however the list below seems to dominate our client base as well as a substantial the global population.

Hormone disruptors



Autoimmune Diseases

Inflammatory Diseases



Insulin Resistance



Claims are one thing but the evidence is when our clients and millions of people across the world are experiencing life changing results with the above issues by going organic with a simple lifestyle change.

Essentially, our instruction and divine mandate is to serve Allah, The Creator of all things and to serve His Creation. In this context we refer to the latter in that creation extends to all living things including the earth and our bodies

A responsibility as the representatives of The Creator and followers of The Mercy Unto Creation to be true examples of this preservation Not to cause harm or damage to the earth, even in battle.

This is organic

Organics is a fundamental principle in the preservation of creation and the most advanced piece of tech ever created. Light years beyond human comprehension……….the human body. In order for us to function at optimal levels our Creator has provided a means of sustaining this machine by putting nourishment in the earth. Plants, vegetables, animals all receive their nutrients from soil and the problem begins here, at the foundation. The soil has become nutrient deficient and isn’t being passed into the foods. Organic however, is produce, meats, poultry and foods which are grown or graze in natural nutrient rich soil, free of chemicals. The meats and poultry are free ranging, humanely farmed, hormone free and antibiotic free. As wholesome as possible. Eating Organic is as simple as eating in the way that Allah has intended and the benefits are exponential.

Naturally we resist change and those of us who want change don’t know where to begin. This was the fundamental idea behind the Organic On concept, to make organic foods accessible, affordable and to serve as the catalyst for holistic change. The concept is much more than just retail products but inspires and guides lifestyle plans. We work with a panel of health practitioners who assist in formulating powerful natural alternatives using a synergy of ancient wisdom and modern insights also with developed strategies in general maintenance and wellbeing. Adaptogens play a big role in these lifestyle plans. The goal ultimately is to awareness and guide self-sustainability.

The question shouldn’t be why is eating healthy so expensive it should be why is eating conventional so cheap?”

So in the same spirit to share knowledge and inspire change here are a few simple changes in ur suhr and ifthaar regimen that will have a huge impact on how we feel and the vigour of our Ibaadhat.

A table spoon of activated CHIA seeds as an addition to your sehri cereal, smoothie, Granola pudding or yogurt. Due to chia being an energy powerhouse, activating it would allow for a slower release of energy and should keep you fuller longer.

Similarly, a simple change like replacing all your rice dishes at ifthar or later, with Quinoa. Unlike conventional rice that includes Bhasmathi, Quinoa if prepared correctly gives you energy and keeps you light instead of the usual bloated lethargic effect of conventional rice.

The last tip is probably the most valuable free advice that you’ll ever get and its results will be life changing, only through the mercy of the Creator. If you were to remove the below 5 foods from your diet, you would see a huge improvement in your overall condition, productivity and wellbeing. The general consensus is that eating healthy is expensive, however when you factor in the lifestyle changes, the huge reduction in medical bills and increase in overall productivity including the reduction of the shopping list and fast foods, you would actually end up saving money while feeling great at the same time.



Remove the following now.







There is life after sugar!

The solution is simple. Forget all the promised quick fixes, marketing strategies and money making schemes. If you control what goes in, you could dramatically reduce the risk of chronic disease and illness and in doing so, we will truly be leaving it in the hands of our creator instead of our own.

It’s not a question of immortality, but rather a commitment to vitality and longevity”

So this is the beginning of change, this Blessed Month and in addition to the various forms of Ibadaath, let’s add this to the list. To fulfil the right of the Amaanath that ALLAH has granted us. In doing so, only through the infinite mercy of our creator, we will not only see the rewards but feel them as well, Insha Allah

To pledge to preserve that which we will be accountable for which include ourselves, our families and creation as a whole. To commit to instil these essential principles of Nutritional Intelligence and promote a culture of preservation in our children and potentially save them from so much in the future, Ameen.

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