How to develop a combat mind set to survive a street assault
By: By Salim Badat

How to develop a combat mind set to survive a street assault

By Salim Badat


There are two main elements regarding a combative mindset. The first is State Management and the other is State Access. State management, refers to the ability to control our emotions during the stress of any violent confrontation, to a significant enough degree that will allow us to access our skills so that we can effectively deal with the problem.


State access refers to cultivating the ability to access the most resourceful state/s of mind and body before, during and after the full spectrum of a violent confrontation. Both of these elements relate to Mindset.


First allow me to briefly define the term “State” this refers to our current thought patterns and associated physiology and demeanor at any given moment. Anyone who has any familiarity with NLP will know that this was the basis from which the founders of NLP Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder created the idea of modeling excellence.


One such variable of commonality in regards to obtaining excellent results, which is relevant to this article, is that of State Management. This refers to cultivating the ability to access and control the most resourceful state/s required to operate the most effectively during any Combative event. 


Outside of the physical stuff that we have all come to know, in terms of what works; such as hitting first, with plenty of impact, following up as appropriate or in short taking initiative then exploiting the same until the job was done one need to understand fear and adrenaline and that you had to get control of your own emotions and self, before you had any chance of dealing with anyone else.


The reason that some people freeze up in the face of confrontation via the affects of adrenal stress; is because they fear consequence, particularly the consequence of injury. Fact is if you fear getting injured in any potentially violent confrontation then you won’t do anything to deal with the situation in a physical sense, just in case you get injured. If you enter into any potentially violent confrontation worried about the outcome or consequence be it getting hurt, fear of comebacks, police involvement, litigation or possible imprisonment then there is no way that you will be able to access your skill-set regardless of how much martial study you have undertaken.


Control of negative emotion leads to the access of skill under pressure and this starts with the way you think, or your perspective. If you walk into a potentially violent event thinking “man look at the size of that guy, he’s gonna kill me!” Do you think such a perspective will allow you to access a state of resourcefulness that will ultimately bring about a successful conclusion? I can tell you most honestly it will not.


Any individual who is capable of dealing with violence well, has a Combative mindset focused on what they’re going to do to the subject in front of them, NOT on the consequences of what the subject they’re facing could do to them. Violence is negative and anti-social behavior but sometimes it is a clinical necessity. The de-humanizing of a subject , is not someone I’d desire to be 24/7 but it is most definitely the ideal state to model for the ten second duration of any potential threat to life event, particularly if it allows me to Win.


The Mindset and perspective is all about cultivating the mentality and preparation; that if this situation is going to “kick off” I am prepared to fight until there’s nothing left to fight about! The focus that accompanies such thinking is all about, “what I’m gonna do, NOT what he or they are gonna do.”  The very root to all such thinking comes from your values and beliefs.


Your Belief System should be based upon a framework of self Value. It simply mean that too many people in your life (children, wife and family) need you, rely on you and you need and rely on them. Therefore you are too important to be taken away from them. You must prevail, you must Win!


The next layer of mindset comes from focusing my indignation. “How DARE YOU step into my world and compromise all that I love! If you step up to me, I will smash you to pieces!” This focused, determined attitude allows you to control fear and utilize adrenaline. It’s common knowledge that no one fears when angry. Instead adrenaline is now the fuel for the fire to fight the fight. It’s important to understand that such a mindset is merely a necessary resource, called upon only in times of great urgency.


This is called a Supra State; the willful creation of a split in the personality to create a persona that CAN deal effectively with violent confrontation. This is like a shotgun under an overcoat that would only be called upon worse case scenario, outside of that it remains tightly covert and boxed away. Your confidence should come from pressure testing you training, previous live experience and crisis rehearsal that is mentally visualizing how you will win. The bottom line to confidence in ability comes from knowing you WILL assault with massive impact and attitude.


If the physical becomes inevitable then our game plan is to hit first sustaining the offensive until the threat subsidesThe visual representation of explosive aggression is contained only within the skill-set of your physical response for the brief duration of the event. It is fuelled by guttural determination and offensive forward pressure. Such aggression is controlled and cultivated and comes with an accompanying Big Red STOP button that can be hit at any point during the fight, as soon as my objective is met.


I hope this article has given some of you food for thought. Perhaps it will enlighten some of you who have such efficiency already, as to why you operate so effectively. Either way I believe that equal focus should be given to mental conditioning as well as all aspects of physical training, I hope this article encourages some of you to move in that direction. “If you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re probably right.” Henry Ford

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