The secret of Attaining True Health.
By: Dr Roger Powell DC

The secret of Attaining True Health.

By Dr Roger Powell DC (Palmer USA)

Also explained: Diabetes and miscarriages.

In order for the human body to be able to function normally as in health, it needs a few things to be in place. It needs air, good nutrition, exercise and above all, a nerve system that is free of interference which in addition, is why it needs maintenance. We are encouraged to maintain our teeth with regular dental check-ups. Why should it be that we are not encouraged to maintain our health through spinal hygiene?

Could it be that the people we trust in to keep us healthy, actually prefer to keep us sick?

When the truth is known, even the man, Dr Ignaz Semmelweis, who invented handwashing in an obstetrical unit at the University of Vienna Medical School in 1848, thereby saving countless women from dying from vaginal infections caused by dirty hands of medical students, was fired and the students told NOT TO WASH THEIR HANDS. (Taken from the book racketeering in medicine, by Dr Peter Carter MD PH.)

The reason we eat food, is to provide the body with raw materials which are used in many ways, such as repairing old and damaged tissues. Raw materials are also needed for the manufacture of various vital substances the body needs. Synovial fluid is a lubricant for all joints and is made by specialized membranes in the joints. This can only happen if enough blood reaches these membranes or bursae. By the same token, the glands of the Endocrine System such as the Pancreas which makes the insulin needed by the Diabetic sufferer, also needs blood with raw materials. The blood vessels which supply the pancreas are called the pancreatic arteries and are controlled, in terms of opening and closing (vasomotor function) by nerves which get jammed up by misaligned vertebrae in the spine mainly between the shoulder blades. When these vertebrae, mostly between T/5 and T/7 become misaligned and jam up the relevant nerves thus preventing the arteries from dilating and delivering the blood with the raw materials, a problem will soon manifest; such as Diabetes. Women that continually have miscarriages have a problem with ‘NOT ENOUGH’ blood reaching the placenta. The foetus ends up dying of starvation. Adjusting the L2/L3 area of the lower back is the logical approach.

Hippocrates, the father of Medicine made a few interesting observations:

“In case of illness look first to the spine and not medications.”

“Physician heal thyself.”

At the end of the day we are our own best doctors. We can also say that we are only as healthy as our weakest organ. All organs are supplied with LIFE FORCE from the nerve system through nerves which exit the spine from between the vertebrae. In essence, whether we die from heart failure, liver failure of kidney failure we are just as dead. Why not let your chiropractor maintain your spine and keep those switches on and enjoy a fuller healthier life. This is what my work which is known as subluxation-based chiropractic has to offer.

Drugs are dangerous whether pushed or prescribed and at best only attempt to treat symptoms. My work involves treating the cause of sickness non-invasively and cost-effectively. What is needed is awareness and a change in attitude. My work is safe and I take my own X-rays.

My work helps to ensure that the 24 vertebrae that function as switches, which stresses of all kinds continually move into the “off” position, are switched back on. Just the way we brush our teeth and take showers, everybody should be adjusted (re-aligned) periodically. Please go to my You tube channel for much more information. There are about 200 videos showing actual patients being adjusted and their happy responses.

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