• Astonishing is he who finds death a reality, yet continues to laugh.

  • Astonishing is he who knows this World will soon perish yet keeps close association with it.

  • Astonishing is he who knows about fate yet mourns the loss of a thing.

  • The slip of the tongue is more dangerous than the slip of the feet.

  • If the eyes are bright and shining daily then it is a Day of Resurrection.

  • To stop sinning is easier than to seek forgiveness.

  • Make a purpose for life, then utilize all your strength to achieve it, you would definitely be successful.

  • I am astonished with that person who recognizes this World as perishable and understands all about fate yet mourns the loss of things. I am astonished with that person who believes in Rewards, Punishment of Hell and Paradise, yet he still commits sins. I am astonished at that person who knows that Allah exists yet remembers others and seeks their assistance.

  • A family man’s actions are presented together with that of a Mujahid (Muslim soldier) in the court of Allah Ta'ala.

  • I am astonished with him who regards the reality of the existence of Allah Ta'ala yet remembers others and asks for their assistance when in need.

  • I am astonished by that person who believes in Hell yet continues to sin.

  • I am astonished at that person who brings Faith in Paradise yet associates himself to the pleasures of this World.

  • I am astonished at that person who regards Iblees (Satan) as his enemy yet continues to follow him.

  • Squandered is that 'Aalim (Learned man) to whom a person cannot ask a question. He is likened to that weapon which is not put to use - that wealth which is not utilized in good work - that knowledge without application - that Mosque which Salaah is not read in - that Salaah that is not performed in a Mosque - that good advise which is not accepted - that book which is not read - that worshiper who keeps in his heart the pleasures of the World and that long life which had not stocked on provisions for the Hereafter.

  • At times, to forgive or pardon a criminal makes the criminal more dangerous.

  • O Mankind! Allah Ta'ala has created you so that you may please him, yet you choose to please others.

  • 9/10 of the shares belonging to Peace and Safety are in isolating oneself from the people and the remaining one share lies in meeting with the people.

  • A person in times of difficulty acts upon his own devices thus depriving himself of the help of Allah Ta'ala. He turns himself away from AllahTa'ala and as a result Allah Ta'ala turns His Attention of Divine Grace from him too.

  • Isolation is most beloved to the beloved of Allah Ta'ala.

  • Excessive politeness is a sign of Malice.

  • Do not rely on anyone except Allah Ta'ala and do not fear anything except your sins.

  • In whichever manner a person recognizes the World, so too, did his inclination occur towards it.

  • I have found the sweetness of worship in four things:
    (1) Performing the obligatory acts of worship enjoined by Allah Ta’ala.
    (2) Avoiding the things forbidden by Allah Ta’ala.
    (3) Enjoining that which is good, seeking the reward of Allah Ta’ala.
    (4) Forbidding that which is evil, fearing the wrath of Allah Ta’ala.

  • To knowingly partake of the pleasure offered by this material World is to reduce the remaining rewards and good deeds.

  • Test the worldly people in any matter you wish to and you would find them to be no less than snakes and scorpions.

  • The existence of good things and wealth in abundance is also a medical complaint. (meaning unhealthy)

  • Knowledge combined with action is profitable and action without knowledge does not benefit anything.

  • Do not place your burdens on anyone, although it is few or many.

  • A pious and practicing Muslim Jurist (Faqeeh) is Superior than thousand worshipers.

  • World” is that work which does not serve the purpose of acquiring the Hereafter.

  • Silence is the best treatment for anger.

  • To carry the burden of others concludes the respect of a worshiper.

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