Al-Imdaad Appeals for the people of Aleppo

Al-Imdaad Appeals for the people of Aleppo

Aleppo has become one of the worst fronts in the more than 5-year long Syrian conflict. Once Syria’s most populous city, in recent times it has seen intensive bombing every day with the entire city affected by the fighting. Hundreds of civilian casualties have been recorded with more than 100 children being killed thus far in the month of August alone.

With airstrikes in the east and rocket and mortar attacks in the west, civilian infrastructure has been turned to rubble forcing yet more people to flee for safety due to the destruction of their homes. Countless others are trapped by the bitter fighting and unable to move due to fear and insecurity. 

It is estimated that up to 275,000 people in eastern Aleppo have been almost completely cut off from essential supplies, such as food, water, medicine and electricity. This state of affairs has gone on for more than a month since the beginning of July 2016. These people are now living in constant fear of total besiegement and even breaks in the siege have been difficult to sustain due to constant aerial bombardment. 

Callous attacks on countless hospitals and medical facilities have become normal in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria, forcing the few staff that remain to be completely overstretched. In July 2016 alone, 44 attacks on medical facilities were recorded in Syria, including attacks against five of eastern Aleppo’s nine hospitals. According to Physician for Human Rights (PHR), attacks against medical facilities in Syria have caused the deaths of 750 medical personnel since 2014. 

In Aleppo’s underground hospitals aerial attacks have led to problems with vital equipment that has resulted in the death of new-borns and infants.

Despite what is happening across the world in Yemen, South Sudan, the Lake Chad region, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Syrian crisis still remains the greatest catastrophe of our time. The reports of atrocities are without end, be they from barrel bombs, napalm, chemical weapons, cluster munitions, thermite bombs, hellfire cannons, suicide bombs, mortars and rockets or sniper fire. These bombs land on schools, hospitals and civilian neighbourhoods where the population is already traumatised by rape, illegal detention, torture, child recruitment, sieges of entire cities and the starving of people to death deliberately. 

In Aleppo there is the risk of a humanitarian catastrophe unparalleled in the over five years of carnage and destruction in the Syrian conflict. This situation rings in the heart of every individual with an ounce of humanity.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has been responding to the Syrian crises since the early days and will continue to do everything it can for the Syrian people. When a break in the siege occurred on August 6th, we immediately appealed to contribute to the emergency supplies that made their way into eastern Aleppo. Since then there have been calls for the establishment of 48hour humanitarian ceasefire to allow entry of vital humanitarian aid. We remain alert to the situation and ready to respond as interventions become possible.

Continue supporting our campaign for the people of Aleppo by donating online at or call 0861786243 for more information.

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