• This World has been created a temporary abode by the Almighty Allah Ta'ala, and placed in trust to the travellers of the Hereafter. Take only those provisions which are beneficial and do not lust after that which you are going to leave behind.

  • The slippery tongue is much more dangerous than the slippery feet.

  • The one dirham charity of a poor person is better than 10,000 dirham charity given by the rich.

  • If you are prepared to commit a sin, then search for a place where Allah Ta'ala does not exist.

  • O People! If you do not want to worship the one true Lord, then do not utilize that which He has created.

  • To see the learned ('Aalim) and pious keeping the company of the rich and wealthy is a testimony of hypocrisy.

  • Do not trade or deal with an oppressor or his associates.

  • To cry in Paradise is surprising, yet more astonishing is to laugh in the World.

  • When you have no rights on the perfume, you should close your noses to it, for even its scent is forbidden to you.

  • Save oneself for praising the corrupt wealthy, for the praise of an oppressor invites the Wrath of Allah Ta'ala.

  • To publicly give charity with an intention to entice people to be charitable is better than giving charity secretly.

  • To think that Allah Ta'ala is present with you at every given moment is the most excellent form of faith.

  • A Polite person who wishes for anything in this World or in the Hereafter will definitely get his wishes granted.

  • The believer has five types of fear:
    (1) Allah Ta’ala may take his faith away from him
    (2) The recording angels may write down something that may expose him on the Day of Resurrection.
    (3) Shaytan may cause his deeds to become invalid.
    (4) The Angel of Death may come to him without warning.
    (5) The world may tempt him and distract him from the Hereafter.

  • Those that deal with Allah Ta'ala with sincerity and honesty hate to deal in any other affairs without sincerity and honesty.

  • A beast of burden recognizes his master yet people do not recognise their Master (Allah Ta'ala).

  • Once in the reign (Khilaafat) of Hadrat Uthmaan Radiyallaahu Anhu there was a great drought. People began to sell their valuables and possessions cheaply to supplement their necessities. Hadrat 'Uthman Radiyallaahu Anhu was informed that a certain orchard was being sold at a very cheap price and he should buy it. So he decided to buy it. On his way to purchase the orchard, he came across many people who were poverty stricken, starving and distressed. On seeing the condition of these people, he became very perturbed and unhappy. He distributed the entire money he had with him amongst the people. When he returned to his home, he was asked if he had purchased the orchard. He answered, “Yes! I have bought an orchard in Paradise for you all.”

  • All good deeds are associated with Modesty and all bad deeds are with Immodesty.

  • Backbiting and malice causes injury to three people. Firstly to oneself, secondly towards whom it is directed to and thirdly to the person who is listening.

  • To desire the administration of justice, is Paradise of the World.

  • Whosoever repairs his own shoes, visits an ailing servant, washes his own clothes and also patches it, then that person is free from pride and boastfulness.




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