Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo

Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo


Before I was born, when I was in the tomb,

When I thought I was alone, alive in the womb,

There everything was easily granted, and

I had everything I ever wanted,

Because I was with you Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo


When I was younger, when I was a baby,

When I didn’t give you a thought, not even a maybe,

When I forgot where I used to be,

Where I forgot what you meant to me,

Still there was you, Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo


When I was a teen, in the prime of my youth,

When I focused on me and ignored your truth,

When I felt like a king and thought that I ruled,

When I didn’t even know that it was I being fooled,

Still there was you Allah Hoo Allah Hoo


When I got old and my hair turned grey,

When I wanted to ask for forgiveness but didn’t know what to say,

When my skin became wrinkled and my bones turned weak,

When I needed forgiveness but didn’t know where to seek,

Still there was you Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo


When I die, when I am alone in the grave;

When I feel the fear and I’m no longer brave;

When I think that in this box I am on my own;

When it is dark and I think I am alone,

Still there is you Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo


When the judgment comes on the final day,

When there is no more illusion and no more play,

When I am shown the fire, and I see it burn,

When I am shamed by my wrongdoing and what I did earn,

Still there is you, Allah Hoo Allah Hoo


When I am in the fire, where the fuel is stones and men,

When I am in the place where the punishment will never end,

When there are none who can come to my aid,

I still have hope that can never fade,

Because there is you Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo.


And if at last I receive your pardon,

And I am admitted to the wonderful garden,

And when at last I hear:

Salaamon Qawlum Mir Rabir Rahim,

and I become oblivious to  Janaatun-Naim,

Then will I only know what is true,

Because I am with you, Allah Hoo Allah Hoo.

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