Street Food, Ready to Eat.

Street Food, Ready to Eat.


Street food is ready-to-eat food or drink sold by a hawker or vendor, on a street or other public place, such as a market or fair.

CNN has named Durban, as southern Africa’s reining street food champ. 

Durban, previously known for their street vendors selling spicy pineapples, masala pickled fruit, and fried mealies at the Durban beachfront, is now taking over the food scene. The street food concept has evolved, it seems to be trending all over Instagram and Facebook, having the food enthusiasts lining up. From regularly hosted markets to pop ups, where you are bound to find something for everyone in your family.

Some of my favourite Muslim-owned stalls. Find them on instagram for details on their next event.

@312_below_zero: Reigning ice-cream kings. Handmade while you wait. Using the finest ingredients, to create a magnificent ice-cream. The owners have studied this process and mentored internationally under the foremost authority of the art of Liquid nitrogen in the World, for months, perfecting this skilled art to create the creamiest, most original ice cream flavours.

@wickedwaffledurban: Been blown away more than once by these sensational waffles. The latest obsession being the modestly named coconut waffle, which is more of a raffaello, dream come true. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside- Belgian waffle. With a milky bar based, white chocolate sauce, topped with coconut and crushed secret ingredients.

@thelunchbox_za: the new kid on the block. Burgers, sandwiches and steaks sold at markets and their little daily pop-up on Burnwood Road, Clare Estate. The Mambo Nacho steak, a T-bone steak with a nacho topping served with the most tempting fresh potato chips.

@prawnstarza: delicious crumbed prawns and battered calamari served on a bed of mint infused slaw and fusion savoury rice, finished off with a generous drizzle of their signature sauce, that has me salivating.

@therevolutionkitchen: for original, unbelievably explosive hot dogs.

@garnish_by_shahziya: known for her chicken naan, a twist on cold nachos, masala tea, French toast and pizzas. Loving the convenience of a frozen range. Also available at “The Chocolate and Cheesecake Bar”.

@_oh_taco_: my pick would have to be the sensational chicken, slaw, cheese and jalapeno tacos with a spicy dressing.

@Goriskebabs: tantalizing spicy kebabs and tender marinated chicken cubes prepared over charcoal.

@scoopmesmore: creamy ice cream, sandwiched between a choice of two flavoured cookies. The cookie craving has to be treated with the burfee or occasionally with bubble-gum ice cream.

@sugarliciousza: Macaron- ice cream sandwiches with delicious unique ice cream fillings, my weakness being the authentic Bombay crush and Milo flavours.

Macarons have forever changed the life of the sweet-tooth. A simple indulgence or desperate sweet calling. These irresistible almond powdered, shelled beauties, sandwiched together by unusual flavours.  My two favourites @macarons_by_mehanaz chocolate flavour editions and @laeequebakeware bubblegum or buttercream.

I cannot, in good conscience, go to market and miss out on the monster-sized freak shakes from @theelitetaste and avocado smoothies from @smoothoperator5.

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