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The age of technology and social media has created a new generation with its own up-to-the-minute historians, "photographers", Kardashian gossip-mongers, social news reporters, food/fashion/makeup /reviewers, YouTube DIY-ers and selfie-enthusiasts. Oh, and trolls! Let's not forget trolls. We've become obsessed with cataloguing and documenting every aspect of our lives. In truth our news feeds are filled with pictures of us; our clothes, food, friends, travels, entertainment, healthy lifestyles and more. Whatever we do, there's always a steady stream of status updates, tweets or moments - to experience and share.


If you don't fall into these main categories: Food, Friends, Destinations or Selfies, you may just be - a parent. Not “just any parent” though, a special breed of parent… A MOM.


She’s The one whose tweets starts with “Today my 4yr old, ..blah blah ”, “Coffee is my life now” or “Who needs sleep anyway? Me. That’s who!” and “The house is quiet and clean. “Oh no.. where are they??!” She is also the one that has a million ways to make play-dough, and that knows there really is only one hairstyle needed: the Mom Bun. But her online goal is to put up as many post of her child as she can. With as many hashtags as possible -#socute#myLove#mylife#mychildiscuterthanyours.


That Mom, is me! I’m the one that will talk about her child, wherever I am, with whomever I meet. If you don't want to hear it, you will hear it anyway. I'm the mom that will whip out the phone to record her son doing something as mundane as eating a biscuit - "Because he looks so cute holding it in his tiny hands. Oh.. He's still looking cute."


Some have called me "Hover Mom”. Some say I’m "over protective". Others haven’t been nearly been so complimentary. But do you know what? There's one other facet of mommy I am:


I'm the Muslim Mommy.


Being a mother - in Islam - is the biggest responsibility you could ever have when it comes to parenting. Yes, keeping them fed, happy and alive is important. Noted. We are the foundation and building blocks to the next generation of Muslims. We have to make sure that their Imaan is strengthened and not diluted, as they grow older.


What we put in now will manifest later as they grow older. Nothing we do is insignificant. Every day of every minute counts. Every moment spent with your child guiding him to the part of Allah counts.

From the moment of birth:

The Azaan is uttered in his ear. Good names are given. The Thahneek is performed.

The Aqeeqah is made. Hair removed. Mother’s milk is fed to the newborn and “Bismillah” is said on his behalf for the first time.


This is just the first 7 days of his life. Islam will continue to surround them with Halaal food, modest clothes and good ideals such as forgiveness, truthfulness, generosity, kindness, humility, empathy and simple daily actions with good intentions.  But these seeds need to be planted early, before our influence as parents is dimmed.


This is what I am striving for: Incorporating Islamic values into the modern day upbringing of my child. There will always be tales to tell and a lot to learn along the way. I’ll be sharing my experiences in this journey of motherhood where the days are filled with fun and activities - silly, scary, happy moments. Because that’s all we are given - a handful of moments. Will it be enough?


Shaista Rahman @MumToday

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