Spring Break, Play Dates, Ladies Morning Teas and Friendships That Are Meant to Last.

Spring Break, Play Dates, Ladies Morning Teas and Friendships That Are Meant to Last. 

Raising teenage girls in this modern world can prove to be quite a challenge. Most especially if the endeavour is to allow them to live in this real world, but to remember essentially that they are Muslimahs. My girls and I have a good rapport and we can find ourselves chatting to no end. 

During one such session, I made a fabulous deal with them. We would have no birthday parties. We would save this money and put it towards a tea party at home. 

The culture at present, is that younger kids go on play dates, the teenagers meet up at the mall for a spot of lunch, whilst their mums meet up  for coffee . 

Being a total sucker for ambience, I usually seek out the quaint and idyllic cafes. 

The preference always being to find one that's fully Halaal and, of course - child friendly. This is by no means, an easy task. 

Spring break was an ideal time to catch up with our friends. Spring in Johannesburg is staggering in it's beauty and calm in its presence. The charming sunny days, green abundant trees, soft and gentle breezes, bringing with it a caressing warmth and a subtle diffusion of sweet jasmine, set the scene, for a glorious morning tea. 

Our theme was to be "Spring pretty." I would try to bring the outdoors into my home, in the form of dainty florals. 

My flowers were my first purchase. The colours and the constituents would dictate the style of napkins and choice of crockery. 

I settled on large pink and white roses interspersed, with dainty yet exquisite little white flowers, arranged in vases of different sizes.

The rich milk coloured organza cotton tablecloth with a pale cream and gold runner, was to be the foundation, on which I was to build the layers of complementary pastel colours. 

Carafes of pink and ginger lemonade and iced tea graced the table at intervals. 

A sumptuous feast of crème anglaise tart strewn with seasonal berries, a soufflé spinach and mushroom quiche, and salmon and prawn sushi salad bowls, were arranged amongst the crockery. 

My own make shift tiered plate, made for a show-stopper element was arranged with chocolate covered profiteroles, lemon and blueberry scones and a few studded berries on the visible upper tiers, and embellished with bright edible pansies. 

The lower tiers were decorated with chicken, mayo and avocado ciabatta sandwiches. 

 A delectable and refreshing spread of homemade food was arranged in a contemporary style – a feast for the eyes. The arrangement was accompanied by a collection of perfumed sweet flowers, with the comforting aroma of savouries. 

An engagingly pleasant morning was shared with new and old friends.  

I have given my girls and I - new and special memories to hold on to.

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