Barriers that divide us
By: by: Naadira Chhipa

Barriers that divide us
by: Naadira Chhipa

There exists a deeply rooted parasitic divide that breeds in the beautiful garden of our minds. These seeds of division have been sown into our minds by our own parents, family members and society.

We ostracize you based on your race irrespective of the fact that you understand and read the Quraan and salah far better than 'us'.

We judge reverts based on your previous religion and the real reason you reverted. We will try to force our culture upon you irrespective of your thirst for Islamic guidance and duas. We will definitely gossip about your days prior to accepting Islam.

We will accept you in our social circle based on the native language you speak and the ghaam (village) in which your forefathers in India originated from irrespective of the fact that you do not even understand what a ghaam is or speak any native lingo.

We will compliment you based on your skin colour (not race). We associate fair skin with beauty and affluence. Dark skinned woman are frowned upon, never beautiful enough to be a good daughter or a daughter in law irrespective of her flawless character.

We will befriend you based on your family name and social status irrespective of your good values and morals.

We will respect you based on your wealth and power irrespective of your distasteful character.

We will judge you at family functions, ladies programs, at the mall and even in the masjid.

Who are we?
We are mothers, sisters, friends, cousins, teachers, grannies, aunties and sadly muslimahs...

Where do we live?
In our bubble surrounded by our cultural comforts.

Let's step out of this bubble and help the older generations to expand their bubble as we raise the future generation free from barriers that restrain their mind and Deen.

Islam is a way of life designed by Allah, culture is man-made. Know and understand the difference.

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