Once Hadrat Dhunnun Misri was walking on the banks of a river when he came across a scorpion hurriedly moving towards the water. He knew that a scorpion could not swim but was eager to know what would happen next. Whilst this was happening He noticed a tortoise emerge from the water and moving towards the bank. As the tortoise came closer to the bank the scorpion jumped on to the back of the tortoise which swam away carrying the scorpion on its back. Hadrat Dhunnun was taken aback by this extra ordinary sight and decided to follow the tortoise and scorpion to see what would happen next.

The tortoise swam to the opposite end of the river and once it was close to the bank, the scorpion alighted from its back and went on its own way. Hadrat Dhunnun Misri followed the scorpion with great interest.

Now on the route of the scorpion in the distance there was a young man who had fallen asleep beneath a tree. The scorpion was heading towards the sleeping man. Thinking that the scorpion would sting the sleeping man Hadrat Dhunnun Misri thought of a way to kill the scorpion so that the man could be saved. As he advanced towards the scorpion a snake suddenly appeared and was also heading towards the man. Now the man faced two dangers. But then events made an unexpected turn around. The scorpion advanced towards the snake and stung it which resulted in the instant death of the snake. The scorpion then, to the surprise of Hadrat Dhunnun Misri turn around and headed in the opposite direction away from the sleeping man.

Upon witnessing this strange series of events Hadrat Dhunnun Misri uttered a couplet which was as follows. He said:

“O Sleeping man, you sleep whilst Allah Ta’ala is protecting you from every evil that comes from the darkness.”

“Then how can sleep make you oblivious of that king whose bounties come to you in abundance?”

Hadrat Dhunnun then went close to the man with the intention of waking him up but was deeply saddened to find the smell of liquor emanating from  his mouth.

He gently shook him and said to him, “O young man, you were asleep  but your Sustainer  Allah Ta’ala was protecting you all along.”

At this the young man awoke. On seeing the dead snake before him he enquired from Hadrat Dhunnun as to what had happened whilst he was asleep. Hadrat Dhunnun related to him the events right from the scorpion, the turtle and how the snake was killed. The man was greatly shocked upon hearing these strange events that took place whilst he was asleep. He began crying saying, “ O Allah, I was astray and did not fear You. O helper of the helpless! O listener to those who call out for help! O Remover of calamities! You are that being Who is seventy times more loving than a mother’s love for her infant child! I had openly and shamelessly broken Your commands but this did not make you desert me-despite this You had still protected me! You have continuously showered me with your many bounties!

The young man after repeating the above a few times began weeping bitterly. This was the beginning of his transformation. He gave up his addiction to alcohol from that day onwards and lead the rest of his life in strict obedience to Allah Ta’ala’s commands!

When Allah Ta’ala takes the decision of Hidaayat for anyone, He mobilises and uses even the smallest and most insignificant of His creation for this purposes. Would we ever imagine that a scorpion could be the means of Hidaayat for someone?

Blessed be Allah Ta’ala Whose infallible and amazing systems are countless and unimaginable! Allaahu Akbar Kabeerah!

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