The arena is packed to capacity with mounting excitement and euphoria descending on the crowds. The stage is set with glitter balls, smoke screens, strobe lights and of course a full complement of musical instruments.

And then amidst great anticipation and excitement the artist appears on stage. With screams from ecstatic fans, shrill and permeating whistles the concert begins.

To the non- Muslim world this is an Islamic concert-of course because the artist is a Muslim and the songs are of an Islamic and spiritual nature.

The concert begins. The drums begin to roll, the flutes begin to sound and in a few minutes the crowds are thrilled and wowed by the performance. Some even are driven to their feet as the rhythmic sounds stir them into a dance mode. (May Allah Ta’ala protect us)

The concert is at its peak as song after song is sung driving the crowds wilder and wilder. The concert comes to an end and the arena slowly drains out of fans.

As we leave the arena, we emerge feeling spiritually rejuvenated and with a sense of pride at being a little more Muslim.

Dear reader this is a new frightening trend that has gripped the Ummah under the guise of Islam and ‘acceptable’ Islamic practices. It is seen as the lawful alternative to Music that Islam so severely condemns. However when we examine this new trend in the light of Qur’aan and Sunnah we will find much to the dismay and disappointment of some that this is nothing but a ploy and tool of shaytaan to mislead us. And everything that shaytaan does and advocates is totally Haraam.


In the Qur’aan Allah Ta’ala in His condemnation of music says:

“And from amongst mankind are those who purchase futile speech in order to mislead others from the path (of truth) whilst they have no real knowledge and they take this as trivial. For them is a disgraceful punishment”. (Surah Luqmaan, verse: 6)

Under the commentary of this verse Hadrat Abdullaah Bin Abbaas radiyallaahu Anhu states that futile speech here refers to music and all its related aspects.

And then in Surah Bani Israaeel again in the condemnation of music Allah Ta’ala says addressing shaytaan:

“And incite those whom you can with your voice.” (Verse: 64)

The hadeeth also is vocal on the issue of music. The beloved Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Salam is reported to have said that:

“Music grows hypocrisy in the heart just as water causes vegetation to grow.” (Bayhaqi)

And in another hadeeth narrated from Hadrat Abu Maalik Al Ashari Radiyallaahu Anhu who said that the Messenger of Allah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam said:

“Some people of my ummah will drink wine, calling it by other than its real name, merriment (and entertainment) will be made for them through the playing of musical instruments and the singing of women singers. Allah Ta’ala will cleave the earth under them and turn others into monkeys and swines.” (Ibni Maajah)

Islamic nasheeds are definitely perfect replacements for the vile and immoral music that permeates the world today. However, Islamic Nasheeds should be just that- the presence of musical instruments in them however takes away the “Islamic’ from them and renders them haram as per the teachings of Qur’aan and Ahadeeth already cited above.

All in all, music is one of the most formidable tools of Shaytaan to mislead mankind. Of course he first beautifies it and gives it an ‘Islamic” front so that even the conscious Muslim is swayed and duped by this façade. The harms of music on society by far outweigh its ‘benefits’. If we want to remain true Muslims the genre of Nasheeds with musical instruments prevalent these days need to be shunned and abandoned.

A great deal of ‘Islamic’ Nasheeds produced nowadays with the full complement of musical instruments is nothing but a rose by another name. The identity of a thing is based on what it is not by what it is called. Even if we call a rose by any other name, it is its smell that would make it a rose not anything else.

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