AN INTERESTING READ- From a Scientific point of view

A university professor who was known for his wittiness and deep analytical mind once posed a question to his students with regards to his belief and conviction that because evil too was created by God, man cannot be held responsible for his evil actions.

The dialogue was as follows. The Professor asked:

 “Is everything that exists created by God?

In unison the students answered, “Yes Sir, everything is created by God.”


The Professor then said:

“If God created everything, doesn’t that mean that God created evil too, because it exists. And according to the principal, the things we do determine who we are, this means – God is evil because He has created evil.”

A hush descended on the students as they tried to come to terms with the blasphemy just uttered by the Professor. They could not believe just how a man could call God evil!

On the other hand the Professor swelled with pride and his ego grew a little more for he had just silenced his students. No one could contest his point in the least bit he proudly thought to himself.

 Just then a student raised his hand and said:

“Can I ask you a question, professor?”

“Of course, the professor answered.

The student got up and asked:

“Professor, does cold exist?”

“Of course it exists. Didn’t you ever get cold?”

A roar of laughter echoed through the room as the other students laughed at the question of the young man.  To them it was foolish to contest the Professor. The young man answered:

“Actually, Sir, cold doesn’t exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider to be cold truthfully is the absence of heat. You can study a person or a thing according to its ability to transfer energy. An absolute zero (-460 degrees according to Fahrenheit) is a complete absence of heat. The whole substance becomes inert and unable to react in that temperature. Cold doesn’t exist. We created that word to describe what we feel at the absence of heat.

A new silence now descended in the room. The students were quite impressed at what they had just heard.

The student continued:

“Professor, does the darkness exist?”

“Of course it exists.” Replied the Professor.

“You are wrong again, Sir. The darkness also doesn’t exist. Darkness is actually the absence of light. We can study the light, but not the darkness. We can use the prism of Newton to expand the white light into many colours and study the different lengths of the waves of each colour. You can’t measure the darkness. A simple ray of light can burst into the world of darkness and light it up. How can you find out, how dark is some kind of a space? You measure the quantity of light submitted. Isn’t it? Darkness is an understanding which people use to describe something that happens in the absence of light.

Finally, the young man asked the professor:

“Sir, does evil exist?”

The professor timidly answered:

“Of course, as I have already said. We see it every day. Cruelty among people, lots of crimes and violence around the world. These examples are nothing other than the manifestations of evil.”

The student answered to this:

“Evil doesn’t exist, Sir, at least, it doesn’t exist for itself. Evil – is just an absence of God. It is similar to darkness and cold, created by people, to describe the absence of God. God didn’t create evil. Evil is not the faith or love, which exists like light and heat. Evil – is the result of absence of Godly consciousness in a human heart. It’s like the cold, which comes when there is no heat, or like the darkness, which comes when there is no light.

These words left the professor speechless and got him thinking.

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