The widow
By: By Naadira Chhipa

The widow

By Naadira Chhipa


Just last night she shared a happy home  with her husband and children, today he is lying on the living room floor covered in white kafan. Just last night she felt his heart beat against hers as he pulled her close for a hug, today he is cold and motionless.


Just last night the house echoed with family fun and laughter, today the silence haunts her. Just last night she had the strength and security of her husband, her garment today she feels exposed and vulnerable to the world.

Just last night he made her feel so special as he sweetly told her how dearly he loved her, today she feels empty. Just last night she had a husband and four children to care for today she has nobody to take care of her.


Just last night, she had the company of her husband, children and extended family, today she sits in a house all alone with only beautiful memories for company.  Just last night, she shared all her sorrows, thoughts and opinions with her best friend her husband, today words fail her.


Just last night she had her garment from Allah to love her, protect her, maintain her financial and emotional needs, today although covered from head to toe she feels cold and naked. As days turn into years she is left all alone in a house which was once her home, with tired eyes staring out the window waiting for her children and grandchildren who may or may not remember to visit her.


Be kind and caring towards our mother's and sisters who are widows. Her battle is great and so is her reward.

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