Accept the people that walk out of your life. Search for the hidden mercy that they leave behind.

Accept the hardships that you experience and try to see the hidden blessing that’s in it.

Acceptance is the key to a content heart.


Accepting that nothing happens without the command of Allah is what helps us to understand that we are only in control of that which he allows us to be in control of.

Think of Allah as the only one real Super Power in our lives such a Super Power that will never let His believers down.


His guiding powers are with us through every step of the way.

He has the ability to make the impossible possible.

He has the wisdom to know everything that is good and bad for us.

He has the power to grant us miracles and prove to us He is true, He is real, He is our beloved Creator always seeing the best in us when the rest of the world sees nothing but bad.


He is the Super Power that will rewards us with such an abode as his promised that no eye has ever seen and no mind can comprehend. So have the sabr when enduring the journey of this life. Accept the heartache that people cause and seek no revenge leave it all to your Creator never forget he is the most just.


Tolerance and forbearance will gain you victory over the battles that you fight during the brightness of day and darkness of night. Always know no harm can come to us only that which He allows so ask for protection and guidance. Allah’s powers are beyond our understanding He is the most magnificent.

So keep reminding yourself that all good and bad comes from ALLAH.


Believe in your heart that a calamity that turns you to Allah is better for you than a blessing that turns you away from Allah. Accept His decision in whatever comes your way and you will find contentment.

Your life is a beautiful love story between you and Allah.


Every person, every experience, every gift, every loss, every happiness and every pain is sent to you for one reason and one reason only TO BRING YOU BACK TO HIM.

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