How often we complain, rant and rave over the ill treatment that is given to us by others? How often, almost instantly, in our defence, we say that we have done absolutely nothing to deserve this kind of ill treatment? However, before going full steam on defence mode do many of us take a few minutes to see whether what we’ve done was not the primary catalyst to our ill treatment? Do we even stop to think about how the next person could have felt when we said or did the particular word or action? To us we may have done ‘nothing’ but to the one on the receiving end it meant ‘something’ which obviously resulted in the ugly situation.

One day the inhabitants of the Earth became tired of all the wars and bloodshed on the planet and decided to do something to put an end to them. They approached a wise old man who was told to have special powers and who could eradicate any ugly situation and expressed their concerns to him.

– It is simple, – he said. — I will destroy all weapons on the Earth, and nobody will be able to fight anymore.

– It would be great! – the people exclaimed.

The old man chanted some words and in almost an instant all the weapons on earth were destroyed. The people were overjoyed!

There was peace on the planet for three days, whilst those who were bent on war and bloodshed began to look for other means of starting the war again. When they realised that all the weapons were destroyed they made spears from young trees and started to fight again.

When the old man heard this news, he said:

“Do not worry. I will destroy all young trees, so that they will not be able to fight.” Thus all the young trees were destroyed.

After two or three days of useless search for young trees, suitable for making spears, the rebellious people started to cut giant trees, making batons from them and starting the bloodshed again. This time the old man destroyed all the big trees but this did not stop the rebels from continuing. They made knives and swords of metal. He destroyed all metal on the planet but then they made slings and began to throw stones at each other. It was necessary to destroy the stones, too. Now the peacekeepers began to worry: all trees have disappeared; there is no metal and stones. How to live, what to eat now? There will be no vegetation soon, and people will die without even fighting. No, this is a wrong solution of the problem. They went back to the old man asking his advice.

“I do not know what to do now, sighed the old man. I would have destroyed all humanity, but, unfortunately, it is not in my power!

The peacekeepers fell into despair as even the wise old man could do nothing to put an end to the anarchy in the world. Suddenly a young voice was heard. It came from a young boy who said:

“I know what you should do. Let people feel, how others perceive their actions. If one person hurt someone, let him feel the same pain, and if he brings joy to someone, let him feel the same joy. So no one will hurt each other, because he will feel the pain immediately too and would have to stop.

The people were inspired with the greatness of this boy and decided to implement his advice.

Since that day nobody on the planet tried to hurt his neighbour, because he would have to feel the same pain too. People began to help each other, because they liked the sense of joy they felt at this moment. And they began to live in harmony and joy.

The world as it stands has become a bitter and miserable place mostly because everybody thinks about his own feelings and gives scant regard to the feelings of others. This attitude can never bring about peace in our world unless it is changed. When we always bear in mind the feelings of action then it becomes easy to control and regulate our actions otherwise we will continue hurting others and remain unmoved in the least bit adding to the misery of the world. The above story is the perfect prescription-simple but works perfectly.


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