Muhammad (pbuh)

Muhammad (pbuh)

 Muhammad )Peace be upon Him) was the greatest personality anyone has ever seen

The most honest, just and loving human being


He (pbuh) had the most beautiful, bright shiny smile

And the most highest ranking profile


No one could beat him in eloquence

Yet the mushrikeen said he (pbuh) was a bad influence


Everything he (pbuh) did was not for fame

But it was to help save us from the eternal flame


His humour was also great

Like when he (pbuh) told the old lady she won’t enter through Jannahs gate


In Jaahiliyyah they would all in him place their trust

But when he (pbuh) came with the truth, they threw on him dust


His habeebatain were Aa’isha and Abu Bakr

Amoung his sahaabahs expedition was there Al-Ambar


He (pbuh)  had given Khalid bin al-Waleed the title of Sayfullah

And his beloved uncle Hamzah was known as Asadullah


At Taa’if he (pbuh) had to endure such pain

But he (pbuh) made dua to Allah that through its progeny the Ummah should gain


At the Battle of Mu’tah was his cousin Ja’far slain

This too caused him a lot of pain


His sword was the Zulfiqaar

And he (pbuh) told us to seek forgiveness from Allah al-Ghaffaar


He (pbuh)  prayed sincerely night and day

Just so that humanity may come on to the right way


In the Quraan he (pbuh)  is known as an-Natheer

This was among the titles given to him by As-Samee’ul Baseer


His last illness proved to be severe

He (pbuh) knew he would not make it another year


While on his deathbed his cry was ‘Ummati Ummati’

Knowing all the while that he (pbuh) was sinless, still he (pbuh)  prayed to his Rabb, ‘Ighfirlee’ (forgive me)


Allahumma Salli wa Sallim ala Nabiyyil Ummi

Khairun Naasi min Arabiyyin wa Ajami

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