We say we are the servants and bondsmen of Allah Ta’ala yet we pass our lives in the most carefree way. A true servant lives a life of restrictions and constraints whilst a free person lives a life of no limitations. Thus our actions belie our words.

We say that Allah Ta’ala has taken upon Himself the responsibility to give us our sustenance, yet we never rest content with what we get. We are constantly on the prowl to acquire and amass more and more of worldly possessions. We are never satiated with what we have and the need for more is always present. Thus our actions belie our words.

We say that the Aakhiraah is what we prefer over this world yet we are ever engaged and absorbed in making our worldly stay as comfortable as possible and in the process ignore making our Aakhirah comfortable as possible. Thus our actions belie our words.

We say that we believe in Jannah and aspire to be admitted into it. However our actions are those that distance us from Jannah. Thus our actions belie our words.

We say that we believe in Hell Fire and are afraid to enter it yet our actions are such that they draw us closer to hell-fire. Thus our actions belie our words.

We say death is inevitable and believe that no one ever can be spared from its clutches. Yet we live in this world and make effort in it as if we are never going to leave it. We remember death only when we bury our near and dear ones. As soon as we leave the precincts of the graveyard we forget death and once again plunge into worldly pursuits.

When Hadrat Saeed Bin Aamir radiyallaahu anhu once came upon Hadrat Umar Radiyallaahu anhu whilst he was the Khaleefah he offered him the following advices. He said to him,

“O Umar, I advise you to fear Allah Ta’ala when it comes to the rights of people but do not fear people when it comes to the rights of Allah Ta’ala. O Umar, be guarded against your words contradicting your actions for the best of words are those words which are confirmed by your actions.”

When what we say and what we do become in stark contrast with each other then we automatically become hypocrites for this is the hallmark of every hypocrite. On the other hand when we do what we say then we become true believers!

In our world glorified statements are on the lips of almost everyone but actions confirming these are almost non-existent. The companions of the Prophet Sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam believed, said and did! We believe, say and that’s where it stops. The next step and much needed step of translating our words into actions have become the most difficult step to take. No wonder the plight of the ummah worsens. We have become an ummah of just words without action, professing and claiming one thing but doing nothing thereafter.

It is very aptly said, No action, No change. Limited action, limited change. Lots of action and change occurs. No action and we stagnate.

Thus we are responsible for what we are and what we wish ourselves to be. We have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in the future can be produced by our present actions. The Qur’aan and Sunnah tells us how to act in order to attract favourable conditions. In all of Qur’aan and sunnah we’ve never heard about the resolutions of the Prophets Alaihimus salaam, but a good deal about their acts!

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