Once Nabi Moosa Alaihis Salaam who is known as Kaleemul –laah (the one whom Allah Ta’ala spoke directly to) asked Allah Ta’ala, “O Allah”, he asked, “You, through your grace and mercy have gifted me with the ability of speaking directly to you. Is there anyone else who has been given this or will there be anyone else that would be endowed with this gift?” Allah Ta’ala replied, “O Moosa, I would give rise to a nation who would appear in the latter eras and I will honour them with the month of Ramadaan. When they will fast to the extent that their lips will be dry and their throats will be parched as a result of thirst, their faces will change as a result of the pangs of hunger. At the time of Iftaar they will make Duaa. With you O Moosa, there are still 70 veils that come in between you and I. With them and I, O Moosa, there would be not a single veil or barrier!”

 So blessed is this moment of Iftaar and duaa in it that at this time,  the angels around the Arsh (Throne) of Allah Ta’ala that are commissioned to make the Tasbeeh (Glorification) of Allah Ta’ala  are even commanded to stop their tasbeeh  and say A’ameen to the Duaa of the person making iftaar.  ALLAAHU AKBAR!

Sadly, iftaar in our homes nowadays is something quite different from what is expected and becoming of a believer. We’ve totally missed the boat! Instead of peace, serenity and deep reflection and contemplation, iftaar time is more like a party waiting to happen. Whilst Allah Ta’ala’s extra special and choicest mercies for those who fast, are awaiting distribution, we are too pre-occupied with loading the Iftaari table with delicacies. We forget that the crowning moment of our fasting is Iftaar when the golden opportunity to ask to our hearts content is given. Iftaar is the time to secure forgiveness and salvation. Iftaar is that time for that very special and exclusive connection between Creator and creation!

Respected reader, Ramadaan is about fasting and not feasting. Ramadaan is about tipping the scales of good deeds and not tipping the scales of body mass because of our unhealthy and unsavoury Ramadaan eating habits of course when we binge on the variety of savouries spread before us. We need to realize that Ramadaan is Ibaadah-every moment that we have of Ramadaan is a step closer to Allah Ta’ala that we can take. And at the time of Iftaar especially we are given a lifetime opportunity to gain a very close and very personal and most intimate connection with Allah Ta’ala by duaa. But if we become indulgent in the ‘activities’ of iftaar preps then we throw away this golden opportunity.

The episode of Nabi Moosa Alaihis Salaam related above tells of the blessed time of Iftaar in one of the most beautiful and emotionally moving way. Every time your home at the time of iftaar is threatened with uncalled and unwanted activity recall the above episode. It should help you find your way to your musallaah or place of seclusion and connect yourself with your Most Magnificent and gracious creator Who is ever-willing to lend a hearing to every woe, pain, concern and cry of yours. At the time of Iftaar He goes the extra mile to accommodate you! Then what reason do you have to throw away this precious moment afforded to you for the next 29 or 30 days? Other than us undermining or forgetting the value of this beautiful and moving moment there is nothing else!

Unless we change the way we make Iftaar, we will be losing out ‘Big Time’!

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