Year in and year out, the month of Ramadaan sees a global revolution sweeping through the Muslim ummah. From Muslims by name to Muslims in action we become. Not any different to a volcano emerging from a dormant state to a state of activeness. They normally say to someone or something that functions to its optimal levels that they are ‘firing from all cylinders’. This is exactly what happens to the Muslims in Ramadaan. We begin to fire from all cylinders!

In Ramadaan we transform from self-centred to selflessness. Our 11 month suppressed compassion, empathy and kindness for the poor and less fortunate now blooms and spreads cheer amongst all. Salaah which was given little or no importance now becomes so important. Our masaajid almost packed to carrying capacity in Ramadaan five times a day bear testimony to this. The Qur’aan is now given so much importance that a day does not go past without us reading it. Remembrance of Allah Ta’ala suddenly becomes a norm rather than the exception that it was prior to Ramadaan. Those who once didn’t care about what they said and how they said it now bridle their speeches and watch their words closely lest they say something offensive or hurtful. Even the shameless and immodest western fashions and trends are abandoned and is replaced by modest and conservative dressing.

 And then the crowning glory of all of the above is that by day fasting is religiously observed and the nights are spent in extended devout worship. In a nutshell the Muslim in Ramadaan becomes an epitome of goodness and obedience to every command of Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala and His beloved Messenger Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam become pleased and beam with pride, the devils are shamed and dismayed at their failure in misleading man and the rest of the world watches with and wonders with admiration.

And then as soon as Ramadaan is over the Muslims return to their former states of Muslims by name. Islam and the Muslim now go into rest mode. No more compassion and kindness-it is now all about ourselves! The masaajid drain out of worshippers. The Qur’aan is returned to a corner of the home where it falls into a state of neglect and disuse. Remembrance of Allah Ta’ala suddenly goes onto the back-burner. Soft, calculated and careful speech is now replaced by unbridled speech where no care or caution is exercised with regards to what is said or how it is said. In short all goodness vanishes. The revolution of Ramadaan is now reversed. Allah Ta’ala and His beloved Messenger Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is pained, the shayateen rejoice at their returned triumph and the rest of the world sighs in relief with the return of the Muslim that they are so accustomed too.

The above may sound like a stuck record and rightfully too but is this not the reality of our lives today!

When we understand, accept and embrace every aspect and every facet of Islam then we would realise that all the above goodness that we see in the Muslims in Ramadaan is what should be there in their lives at any given point of time and not only Ramadaan. Goodness and devoutness to Allah Ta’ala and His commands should occur by default in every Muslim.

In Ramadaan our kindness, compassion and feelings for the poor should deepen and reach the highest levels and not be the start. In Ramadaan our Salaah’s should increase in terms of voluntary salaah because Salaah is an injunction that is obligatory all the time and not only in Ramadaan. The Qur’aan is a Muslims constant companion. In Ramadaan he should bring the Qur’aan even closer and give it even more attention. Remembrance of Allah Ta’ala should be a daily action in the life of a Muslim. His day should start by it and his night should end by it. At regular intervals in his day he should be engaged in the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala. In Ramadaan this should increase exponentially.

A Muslim guards his tongue all the time. In Ramadaan security is beefed up! The dressing of a Muslim should always be modest and conservative. Ramadaan should not be the reason to change to this form of dressing.

 In a nutshell Ramadaan should only take the above goodness to greater and newer heights and not be the beginning of this as we witness today.

This is the Islam that had removed the people of the past from the constraints, hardships and difficulties of life and living and gave them a new life with hope, peace and prosperity.

The world as we know it today is enveloped in an array of darkness’s. Undisputedly to a very large extent we are the architects of these deplorable conditions. Our actions that are presented to Allah Ta’ala become the conditions of our lives. We cannot plant potatoes and expect nuts to grow.

We cannot do bad and expect good. Allah Ta’ala’s system is a just and fair one. Our deplorable conditions can be lamented and bemoaned till the cows come home but this would not change anything in the least. In the Qur’aan Allah Ta’ala clearly tells us:

 “Verily, Allah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allah)” [Suratur Ra’d, verse:11]

The above verse sends out the message loud and clear. It is up to us now. Yes, Ramadaan has come and this is yet another chance of making the desired reform. We could use this Ramadaan as a start and grow from there but this would only be done if we have the resolve to do so. On the other hand if we view Ramadaan as a season and reason for a spiritual awakening then sadly we have the wrong end of the stick. One month of piety cannot bring about the change that the ummah is in dire need of. The requirement for this is a life-time of piety. This has always been the demand and will remain till the end of time.

The Ramadaan revolution cannot return the ummah to the states of glory and honour which was seen and enjoyed by those of the latter ummah. Only in emulation of the actions of the latter ummah lie our return to glory and honour.

May Allah Ta’ala honour us all with Ramadaan but more important give us the true understanding  of our beautiful and flawless Deen and then give us the ability to make this Ramadaan the turning point in our lives to the extent that as long as we live we treat every day as a day of Ramadaan. Aameen.

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