There are a number of Aayat (verses) of the Qur’aan and Ahadeeth, and Ta’leem (teachings) stemming from them, which reveal the true cause of the current state of utter disgrace and humiliation the Ummah is currently wallowing in. Such Aayat and Ahadeeth are generally received by us with complete indifference, uncomfortable silences, and even implicit kufr-type rejection. This basically translates into shying away from the truth. But why do we do this even after knowing that the Qur’aan and Ahadeeth are the absolute truth in every way. We rejoice at the glad tidings given by them but why do we turn a blind eye and deaf ear to their warnings?

The reason is quite simple. Sincere contemplation and acceptance of these warnings would threaten our very own personal indulgences in the Dunya (this ephemeral world) many of which are transgressions into the Haraam (forbidden) and Mushtabah (doubtful) territories of the Shariah. It would induce introspection into our own lives and the lives of those close to us. It would coerce our consciences into embarking on a thorough examination of how each one of us is personally responsible for Allah’s Wrath upon this Ummah. It would lead to a bitter realisation that many of our transgressions into the Mushtabah (doubtful) domain of Allah’s Shariah are not real necessities, but are dispensable luxuries that only serve to increase our attachment to the Dunya – the very anti-thesis of our purpose in this life. And of course this would mean us lowering our standards of living which most of us are not willing to do!

However, we would much rather allow Shaytaan to divert our attention away from own lives, the true reason behind Allah’s Wrath and Punishment, and instead soothe our guilty consciences by scapegoating the likes of the Kuffaar enemies of Islam, U.S.A., Israel, ruthless tyrants, earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, etc. all of which are merely manifestations of Allah’s Wrath and Punishment upon this Ummah due to our negligence and recklessness with regards to the sacred bounds of Allah’s glorious Shariah.

Our minds and restricted tunnel-vision, influenced and colonized by the effects of westernism and crass materialism, allow us only to see the material causes and effects of our degradation. We desperately cling onto those reasons which we want to believe to be the reasons for our failure, whether it be military, political, technological, strategic, etc. whilst we conveniently ignore the clear, explicit words of the Creator of all causes, effects, and means, Who revealed through Wahi (Revelation) the exact reasons for our abject humiliation.

Thus we continue and sink deeper and deeper into these abysses of denial of the real truth behind our troubles whilst pinning the blame on everything and everyone else from tyrannical and unjust rulers to environmental factors etc. besides ourselves for out deplorable state of affairs on an individual basis as well as on the collective basis as an ummah.

As said at the very beginning Qur’aan and Ahadeeth are replete with warnings of Allah Ta’ala’s wrath manifesting itself in the form of what we are witnessing today. Truth be told, all this is nothing but the bitter harvests of the seeds of disobedience that we have sowed. We cannot plant lemons and expect strawberries to grow. We cannot disobey Allah Ta’ala and expect favourable conditions of peace and prosperity!

It is high time that we embark on an introspection mission and not only accept that the prevailing adverse conditions are as a direct consequence of our inordinate desire to seek loopholes and ways to avoid complete submission to the pure orthodox Shariah. And after accepting this hard fact we need to put right our many wrongs be they the rights of Allah Ta’ala or the rights of our fellow humans.

It’s time to face the truth and stop looking for loopholes!

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