Over 30 years ago when I was still in my teens, once whilst paging through a magazine which was notorious for its propaganda against Islam I came across an article titled “Ramadaan-Two conflicting Portraits”. Under the title two pictures gave clarity to the article.

The first picture showed the inside of a Mosque filled to capacity with Muslims in prayer whilst the second showed people ‘looking like Muslims’ in a night club.

Almost immediately I dismissed the article by not paying any attention to it, on account of knowing that this was nothing but another sinister attempt at defaming Islam and the Muslims.

However today if this article is brought forward, it would sadly be more of a reality that the handiwork of the enemies of Islam and the Muslims considering the spiritual decline of the Ummah over the years.

Ramadaan is a great and meritorious month-such greatness this month possesses that words can never adequately describe or express this. Every moment of Ramadaan cannot be missed for there can be no loss greater for the one who fails to earn forgiveness and the vast rewards that Ramadaan affords every devout believer.

Somehow, it is as if these dark days where the Ummah would throw away Ramadaan and its tremendous blessings without any care or concern were known to Jibraeel Alaihis Salaam which prompted him to curse those who were fortunate enough to witness the month of Ramadaan but let it slip by without deriving any spiritual benefit from it. Their lives at the beginning of Ramadaan and the end of Ramadaan were exactly the same. Adding weight to the curse of Jibraeel Alaihis Sallaam was the sanctioning and endorsing of this curse by none other our beloved Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam when he responded by saying Aameen. Can one comprehend the misfortune of the one who has been cursed by two of Allah Ta’ala’s greatest and most magnificent creations of the heavens and the earth?

Ramadaan is once again upon the Ummah. And like every year those who witness it are indeed fortunate and chosen-chosen by Allah Ta’ala and given a second chance at redeeming our souls and securing a salvation. Right from the start till its end Ramadaan promises blessings and tremendous rewards for those who hold on with tenacity at this golden opportunity.

However, the fortune of witnessing Ramadaan applies to all those who live to see the blessed month. But then again for those who see Ramadaan as every other day and month, the fortune stops right here. Ramadaan means nothing to them and their actions are like every other days actions. Therefore the entire month is passed like any other thereby flinging away what could be ones last chance at salvation. On a more serious level this can be well deemed as ingratitude at its peak, of the favour of Ramadaan bestowed upon us by our Most Gracious and benevolent Creator Allah Ta’ala.

It is because of this attitude that we find some who even in Ramadaan continue in their old ways of sinning flagrantly and openly. Eating and drinking in public brings no shame to them nor does passing its nights in sin and transgression.

As we hurtle towards the end of time this apathy towards the glorious month of Ramadaan is becoming more prevalent in the ummah. At the end the loss is ours, created by our very own hands!

We can paint just one portrait of Ramadaan for the world to see or we can paint two portraits-the other one conflicting with the first and thereby making Muslims and Islam the laughing stock for the rest of the world!

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