What if the Angel of Death arrived to extract your soul today?
By: By Naadira Chhipa

What if the Angel of Death arrived to extract your soul today?

By Naadira Chhipa 


Would you venture out of your house with that tight dress knowing it will be cut out from your body? Would you shave off your beard or drive past the masjid as the Azaan is calling you to Salaah?


Would you deliberately hurt people especially the ones you love? Would you perhaps spend the day at the movies with your friends? Would you spend your last hours merrily gossiping, slandering or insulting your family members and friends? 


Would you spend the day working late at the office or perhaps at the bank trying to get that home loan to build your sea facing mansion? Would you start collecting as much jewellery, designer abayaas and Jimmy choo shoes as you possibly can given that you have just a few hours left on earth?


Would you still yearn for that new sports car? Would you ignore your children or deprive them of your attention as you scroll down on your Facebook page? Would you upload that tenth selfie in hope of many 'likes'? Would you apply your beautiful mask of Mac makeup so the people at your mayyit will see you at your best?


No you would never do all of the above if you knew that you are about to meet the Angel of Death today yet this day will arrive soon and you have no idea how close he could be. The Angel of Death will not discriminate based on your age, your beauty, your surname, your race, your caste, your wealth and jewellery, your title and occupation or your family and friends as he follows and obeys only the command of Allah.


Before you go to bed tonight reflect on your relationship with your creator, your actions, your Salaah, your recitation and understanding of the Quraan, your words and your character as this will ultimately prepare you for the day the Angel of Death comes to meet you.


May Allah make us from those who smile upon seeing the Angel of Death as they know that ultimate happiness awaits them as they are about to meet their Allah in an abode far more beautiful and precious than this temporary world and everything it contains. Ameen.


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