Disobedience to Allah Ta’ala translates into sin and vice versa. And whilst we may be citing and holding responsible various happenings or people as the root cause of our many miseries today, we cannot ignore the role or rather the contributing role of sin to these miseries and difficulties which seem to have overtaken almost every life today. Thus the solution to every problem of ours lies in the total abandonment of sin and disobedience. This has been a proven solution. Whenever a nation shunned sin then Allah Ta’ala automatically turned around the adverse conditions to those of prosperity.


However, in this day and age when almost everything invites openly to sin, resistance has become even more difficult. After all we are human and it is part of our natural disposition coupled with the strong influences of shaytaan that makes not sinning even more difficult. How often do we fall into sin and later sit back and regret?


The incident below should serve as a deterrent whenever the inclination to sin arises.   


A man came to Ibrahim Bin Adham Rahmatullaahi Alaihi who was a sage of his times and said, " O Abu Ishaq, I am unable to control myself. Please give me something to help me with it"

"If you accept five conditions," said Ibrahim Bin Adham Rahmatullaahi Alaihi, "and are able to put them into practice, your disobedience will not cause you any problem."

"Just tell me what they are!" the man said. "The first is that when you want to disobey Allah Ta’ala you do not eat anything He provides." "Then how will I get anything to eat? Everything on the earth is from Him!" "So is it right to eat His provision and disobey Him at the same time?" replied Ibrahim Bin Adham.

"No, it is not. What is the second condition?" "When you want to disobey him, move off His land."

"That is even more difficult! Exclaimed the man. "In that case where will I live?"

"Is it right to eat his provision and live on His land and then to disobey Him?" asked Ibrahim Bin Adham. "No, it is not."

"What is the third condition?" "When you want to disobey Him in spite of eating His provision and living on His land, find a place where He will not see you and disobey Him there."

"What do you mean, Ibrahim Bin Adham? He knows everything that happens even in the most hidden places!" "So is it right to disobey Him when you eat His provision and live on His land and when you know that He can see everything you do?" "It certainly is not!" the man replied.

"Tell me the fourth condition." "That when the Angel of Death arrives to take your soul, you say to him, 'Give me a reprieve so that I can repent and act righteously for Allah Ta’ala.'"

"But he won't listen to me!" "Then if you cannot ward off death long enough to give yourself time to repent, and you know that when it comes there will be no reprieve, how can you hope to be saved?"

"What is the fifth?" "That when the angels of the Fire come to you to take you to the Fire, you do not go with them." "They will take me whether I like it or not!" exclaimed the man.

"So how can you hope to be saved?"

"Enough, enough, said the man! He then beseeched Allah Ta’ala’s  forgiveness and  turned to Him!"

The man's repentance was sincere and from that time on he was assiduous in his worship and avoided acts of disobedience until the day he died

Thus every favour we enjoy in our lives is from Allah Ta’ala’s mercy and benevolence. How then can we still disobey Him when He continues His favours upon us on a daily basis?

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