A simple example to remember
By: By Naadira Chhipa

A simple example to remember
By Naadira Chhipa

For those who are intensely hurt,  grieving, in pain, lost, worried, stressed, depressed and sinking into the depths of dark despair always  picture this scene:

You are safe, warm and comfortable in your home perhaps just chatting to a friend on watsapp or on social media when suddenly you hear glass shattering. A burglar has entered into your home and all you feel is shock, disbelief, panic, fear and vulnerability. Your legs become numb and before you can react he stabs you on the shoulder and runs off with your laptop, leaving you bleeding while still holding onto your cell phone. You now feel intense pain and despair as you watch the blood ooze out of your body and you start to panic. Is this it? Am I about to die? Why did he stab me, just to steal a laptop? Then you start to focus on the pain, your heart, mind and soul envelopes in the hurt of the fresh wound, yet you forget you have a phone in hand and can easily call for help. You cry out for help and keep questioning why you, yet you fail to save yourself as you slowly slip into the darkness of despair and pain, collapsing into a pool of blood while still clutching onto the weapon that could have saved your life.

Now in life the home of your heart, mind and soul is your comfort and happy place, the robber is your problems, challenges and tests. The laptop he takes are the reasons to your problems, worries and stress and the increasingly painful stab wound is the pain, hurt, grief , depression and dark despair that engulfs you daily. The cell phone you are clutching onto which could save your life is your direct connection with Allah.

If you choose to keep focusing on your problems and tests, questioning why me? Why did this have to be me or why my family then you will never be able to fully trust in Allahs plan for you. If you choose to only concentrate on your pain, your hurt and your fresh wounds, how are you going to make that call to Allah and seek help to heal. You have the weapon in your hands and you do not need to even dial just raise your hands and seek help from the one that heals broken hearts, soothes shattered souls and mends disturbed minds. Always remember you are never alone and whatever happens in your life was predetermined by your Allah so turn to him in all conditions as he loves you unconditionally.

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