Jinn: They live among Us:
By: By Naadira Chhipa

Jinn: They live among Us:
By Naadira Chhipa

Her hair was always admired by everyone who saw her. Thick layers of deep black waves complimented  her beautiful face. Her hair was her crowning glory and she never missed an appointment at her favourite upmarket salon. Hijaab was not an option or a thought as she could never cover her hair, it attracted lots of attention and compliments. A jinn that roamed outside her house also admired her every day, he soon entered her through her hair, her home, her body and her soul as he fell deeply in love with the sight and scent of her.

A little boy no older than 2 was becoming increasingly restless towards the evening and at night. He would point at various corners of his bedroom and cry out of sheer fear. His parents had no idea as to why his behaviour was drastically changing every evening and visited many doctors who could not assist them in any way. The day they decided to consult an aalim was the day they discovered a female jinn had entered their home and was trying to communicate with their little boy.

After sexual intercourse her husband left for work without having the obligatory ghusl ( bath). He stepped outside and on a perfect sunny day, a gush of powerful wind entered through his ears. That afternoon upon  returning from work he was a completely different man. He ignored his loving wife and distanced himself from her to a point of them sleeping in separate rooms and soon living separate lives. He did not even realise due to him being unclean a female jinn attached herself to his soul.

A wealthy businessman was on his way to his sea facing villa late one night and upon entering his home he noticed his wife sitting on their balcony, singing loudly in a voice that resembled a male. Her pupils were dilated, her face was pale and she was busy stabbing her hand with a small piece of glass. He was startled and immediately called their psychologist who diagnosed her as being schizophrenic and prescribed the necessary medications. Little did they know that no medication  could assist her soul as a jinn had entered into her mind and body.

We all have a fear of the unknown and since we cannot see jinnaat we automatically fear them. We should rid  our hearts and minds of such a fear. Never fear a jinn as that fuels their mischievous  power. Not all jinnaat will trouble or disturb you, just like people they also have personalities of their own hence you do get the jinn that will avoid you and never disturb your happiness and peace but there are also those that will and can cause havoc in your life to a point of destruction.

Allah has created them out of the blue flames of a blazing fire. They live amongst us, yet we cannot see them. We may encounter jinns on a daily basis and not realise it. There have been many homes, families, marriages and lives that shattered and broke due to the powerful effects and actions of jinnaat.

Today powerful people around the world, Muslim as well as the non Muslims are using jinaath to do evil and are gaining popularity as well as wealth by harnessing the ability to communicate as well as order the jinaath to do anything and everything their heart desires.

Let us seek protection in Allah from his creation. The creation that has the power and ability to see us although we cannot see them, the creation that can cause harm to us and our loved ones even without realising it. The Quraan, our Salaah, our faith as well as our love for Allah is the best form of protection. Allah loves US so much that gave us the solution and protection to every problem even before it can arise. The covering of the hair, the recitation of the beautiful surahs of the Quraan and the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad( S. A. W) are precious shields which cover us with his infinite protection.

May Allah always bless us with his mercy and protection from the unseen. Ameen.

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