The eagle was just a little thing when the farmer brought it home. He showed it to his wife and then took it to the barnyard and set it down among the hens.

The newcomer grew quickly and in a few months reached the size of a magnificent, full-grown eagle. Still, it happily pecked bits of grain along with the chickens.

 One day a naturalist visited the farm. He turned to the farmer in surprise and said, “There’s an eagle in there with your chickens.”

 The farmer laughed. “He’s forgotten what he is.” But the naturalist picked the great bird up and held it high. “Eagle, you were meant for the sky,” he said. But the eagle looked down and saw the chickens and struggled free. Soon he was back among them.

 Again the naturalist picked up the bird and this time he climbed to the roof of the farmhouse. “Eagle,” he said softly, “you were meant for the sky.” But the eagle looked down once more and saw the hens in the yard below, and he struggled free and fluttered down among them.

 “I told you, he’s forgotten about being an eagle,” said the farmer.

 But once again the naturalist picked up the bird. This time he carried him to the mountaintop, away from the farm and its distractions.

 He turned the eagle’s head with its brilliant, piercing eyes toward the sun. “Eagle, you are not a chicken. You are an eagle, and you were meant for the sky, not for a barnyard.”

 He felt the great heart of the bird begin to pound. “Go eagle,” he whispered. Suddenly the great wings stretched to their full nine-foot span, and with a wild scream the eagle soared away into the sun, never again to return.

What is the point of this little parable, which may or may not be true? If we look closely at the ummah today have we not forgotten who we are and what we were created for? Is this story then not a reflection of our states today as many of us battle to keep and maintain a Muslim identity? Thrust amongst those who live for the world and all that it has to offer we have become the same with the same values, goals and ambitions. We’ve chickened ‘in” instead of chickening out! We’ve forgotten who we are and where we should be going. We’ve joined the rest of the world who have robbed us of our true identity.

As believers (Muminoon) we have been created with loftier goals and ultimately created for Jannah provided we always bear this mind and work to preserve and protect this identity. Jannah is our real home, and there is nothing here that is great enough or good enough to make us forget that.

We need to awaken from our slumber or delusional states, turn our backs to the madness all around us and remember the words of Allah Ta’ala:

“So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.” (Surah Ale Imraan, Verse: 139)

It’s high time we reclaim our identity, spread those wings of Imaan and soar to the heights of spirituality!

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