How can I?
By: By Naadira Chhipa

How can I?

by Naadira Chhipa

How do I wear my tight sissy boy jeans and go out again knowing that it may be the garment I take my last breathe in. My loved ones may have to cut it off from my body before giving me my ghusl. How can I choose fashion trends over my Imaan?

How can I sit for hours watching endless television series knowing that my last breath may escape my lips while my eyes are fixated on that screen or that nude scene. How would I answer to my creator for the precious time I endlessly wasted on mindless activities?

How can I spend days and nights in the company of my soon to be spouse, touching and exploring each other knowing that my last act could be that of zinah. How can I indulge in zinah everyday knowing that the scorching qabr awaits me with fiery punishment?

How can I sit for hours at the casino or dance the night away at the local club or perhaps the latest concert knowing that the angel of death may extract my soul while I am busy inserting my next coin into the machine in hope of winning haraam money or perhaps popping a pill or three into my mouth as I dance the night away. How mercilessly will my soul be tortured out of my body and what shame will it bring to me and my family?

How can I disrespect my parents, back chat, abuse and abandon them knowing the wrath I am causing to myself by throwing my Jannah away. How would I escape the adhaab of the qabr after hurting the heart of my parents? How will I ever enter Jannah without the duas of my mother?

How can I gossip, slander, ridicule, insult, mock, ostracize, belittle, anger and hate my fellow brothers and sisters knowing that I have such limited time on this earth with them? How can I love my creator if I hurt and hate his creation?

How can I be proud, arrogant, boastful, fake, conceited, selfish, unforgiving, deceiving, disloyal, resentful, negative, vulgar, insincere and hateful knowing that my deep, dark qabr calls out to me every day and with every passing minute I am one step closer to meeting my creator.

How can we attach our body, mind, heart and soul to anyone or anything in this temporary life knowing that tomorrow we may be placed into our ultimate abode, a lonely, dark and deep grave ????

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