Once there was a man who simply hated his wife’s cat for no apparent reason. The wife on the other hand had this cat for many years, in fact the day it was born it she brought it into her home and her life. Thus the bond that these two shared was an unbreakable one. The husband saw this and knew that there was no way his wife would even think of giving the cat away. Something had to be done he said to himself.

One day the man hatched a plan. He thought that if he took the cat away to some place far away and left it there the cat would never be able to come back. This would be more accepting to his wife than giving the cat away.

So one morning after his wife had left for work the man quickly grabbed the cat, put it in its carrier and drove away from their home. He drove almost 20 blocks away from their home and left the cat there. On his way back home he stopped at the local supermarket and bought the few items that his wife had asked him to buy the night before and then returned home.

As he entered the driveway he beamed with pride over his master plan. At least this time he would not be entering a home wherein he would find a cat staring and growling at him.

However as he opened the door he was shocked at what he saw. His wife’s cat that he had, a few hours ago, left 20 blocks away was comfortable perched on the sofa in the living room. He could not believe his eyes.

That night he plotted again. This time he thought that if he took the cat further away there was no chance that the cat could come back. So the next morning as soon as his wife had left for work, he grabbed the cat once again, shoved it into its carrier and drove away. This time he drove over 40 blocks away from their apartment. He dropped the cat there and this time was convinced that his plan was a fool proof one. “There was no way the cat would come back home this time”, he muttered to himself.

After a few hours the man returned home. To his utter shock he once again found the cat perched on the sofa staring at him. He plonked himself on the nearest chair trying to fathom how in the world did the cat come back home.

However he’s resolve to get rid of the cat only grew more intense. That night he planned once again.

The next morning he once again bundled the cat into the car and drove away to a place he himself did not know where he was going. He drove and drove deep and deeper into the city. He took left turns and right turns and left turns and more right turns until it seemed like there were no more turns left to take and the cities tall buildings disappeared from his sight. He dropped of the cat in a large field and made his way home.

That afternoon his wife returned home and was worried when she discovered that her husband was not at home. This was unusual to her as he was always home before her. Something must be wrong she worriedly said to herself.

She quickly fed her cat like she would do if she found his food bowl empty and then undressed from her work uniform. Suddenly the shrill ring of the telephone filled the house. She rushed to answer the call. On the other end of the line, was her husband shouting, “Is that damn cat of yours home? Please put him on the line. I need directions!”

The above story may sound hilarious but it has been told to serve as a lesson for all those who wickedly plot, scheme and plan the downfall of others. An Arabic proverb very beautifully puts it that he who digs a hole for his brother, falls in it first.

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