The holiday fever has hit home. Some may already be on holiday whilst for others plans are underway to do so.

Islam has no qualms or reservations about holiday making as long as it is carried out within the limits of shariah like every other act in a Muslims life.

Thus every Muslim who will be undertaking a holiday cannot forget the following whilst on holiday:


Salah is an all-time injunction which cannot be compromised. It is a command which was issued in the heavens on the night of Me’raaj when the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Salam met with Allah Ta’ala and will be the first question to be asked about, in one’s grave. This alone should indicate its critical and paramount importance which every Muslim knows about.

Salaah whilst travelling is still incumbent on every Muslim, of course with concessions with regards to the number of Rakaats for each salaah. Every traveller should remember that salaah whilst travelling is half but not maaf therefore one should carry musallaahs and stops should be made to perform salaah. Alhamdullilaah our country has many ‘Muslim friendly’ service stations which cater for Salaah. Almost every town too has a musjid or Jamaat Khana.  And then should one not find a musjid or Jamaat khana or even a service station which would allow the performance of salaah, the earth of Allah Ta’ala is vast. All one needs to do is just stop in a safe place and perform one’s salaah. Apart from an injunction of Deen being upheld one would also be serving as a da’ee (inviter to the Deen) so there can be no excuse for delaying salaah or missing it due to travelling. Neglecting salaah or performing it after its prescribed time is a major sin in Islam even whilst travelling.

Eating halaal

The importance of eating Halaal can never be stressed further. After all eating haram whether it is knowingly or unknowingly has a damning effect on one’s relationship with Allah Ta’ala. With so much emphasis on eating only halaal and warnings of eating haram in Qur’aan and Ahadeeth one cannot become oblivious or take this injunction lightly. One should also bear in mind that sometimes the food may be halaal on account of it being sourced from Muslim outlets but alcohol is also served on the same premises. This automatically renders the food ‘doubtful’ and a Muslim is commanded to abstain from that which is doubtful. Remember the non-muslim only has a vague idea of the concept of halaal and cannot be relied on in ensuring that the food is totally halaal. Sometimes alcohol is not served on the premises but other haram foods together with halaal foods are prepared in the same kitchen. Here too one cannot guarantee that cross contamination is not taking place and thus the best is to abstain for this also becomes doubtful.


Modesty and shame is an integral and indispensable part of our Deen to such an extent that in a hadeeth our beloved Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa sallam is reported to have said that, “Modesty and shame and Imaan (Faith) are two inseparable entities. When one of them is removed the other ceases to exist.”

Thus a Muslim who values his or her Imaan will never compromise their hayaa. Every Muslim male and female should dress modestly as per the dictates of shariah regardless of where they may find themselves. At the end always remember that we are putting our Imaan at stake when we dress immodestly or against the laws of dress prescribed by Islam.

Respect for others and facilities

A Muslim is always wary of the rights and feelings of others. Whilst on holiday we encounter many people who come from different lifestyles and cultures. So whilst we may feel disgusted by their actions and ways, this does not give us a right to be rude and unkind to them. We have been already guided whilst guidance has not reached them as yet. Therefore this calls for tolerance on our part. This tolerance should come in the form of kindness and understanding. Never should we give them an impression of ‘superiority’ or exhibit a ‘better than you’ attitude. Instead our humility, kindness, respect and understanding should serve as means of inviting them to the beauty of Islam. Remember that we may be the only true Islam or even the first Islam that some of them will come across in their lives and thus we could be their first and lasting impression of Islam and Muslims. With all the negativity surrounding Islam and Muslims today, we would need to work extra hard in showing the world true Islam and not the brand of Islam purported by the media. Being on holiday affords us a better opportunity to become ambassadors of Islam.

And together with the above we cannot forget respect and care for the facilities that are made available to us. At all times we should use the facilities with care as if they belonged to us. Remember here again, the name of our beautiful Deen is at stake should we abuse the facilities provided for us whilst on Holiday.

And lastly remember that any act that Islam frowns upon or regards as impermissible (Haram) is always haram even whilst on holiday. There is no relaxing the rules or even bending them slightly during a holiday. This is but a ploy of Shaytaan. A true Muslim upholds the injunctions of Deen at all times, regardless of where he is or what he is doing.

Bearing the above in mind our holidays can become Holy Days as well for which we will earn tremendous rewards Insha Allah. The choice is ours as to how we would choose to holiday!

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