Where is the Barakaah?
By: By Naadira Chhipa

Where is the Barakaah?
By Naadira Chhipa

My day is so busy. I have still have so much to do and look at the time already. I did not get half of my work done and I am already late for Maghrib salaah and then dinner. My stress levels are rising. Why is there no barakaah in time anymore?

You had three hours of spare time from Fajr to Maghrib in which half was spent scrolling through Facebook and the other half was spent envying the picture perfect lives of strangers on Instagram. Allah always blessed your time with barakaah it is you who needs to prioritise it.

My salary was just deposited into my bank account and all these debit orders start going out of my account. I work so hard the entire month and there is nothing to save or to spend on myself. I still have to pay all the house bills as well as my accounts. There is no barakaah in my money.

You have a job in which you earn more than the average man. You have a huge house, a fancy car and luxuries many people dream of owning, yet you are unhappy with what Allah has blessed you with. Your branded clothing accounts, your fancy new sound system, your new big screen t.v and those weekend trips to the movies, casinos and fancy restaurants cost you a fortune and yet you say there is no barakaah in your money.

There is no barakaah in the food I cook. Every day I slog in the kitchen from breakfast to lunch, dinner and snacks. I have to plan my menu for the week so I am organised, yet there is no barakaah in the food as we have to buy extra groceries every week.

You threw away half a plate of food that your child refused to eat. You cooked three separate meals as everybody has their favourites. You bought two large pizzas even though you prepared dinner. You waste more food in a day than people have to eat for two days. Allah has blessed you with food and he has placed immense barakaah in that food, yet you throw away that barakaah and complain that your food has no barakaah.

There is no barakaah in my marriage. We were so happy and loved each other so much. We went on holiday’s together, bought gifts for each other and had so much of fun with our friends now everything is falling apart. I feel unloved and suffocated in this marriage.

You dated for years, moved in together, danced around the entire country, partied with your friends and then decided to have a glamorous wedding. She is now pregnant with your child and you say your marriage has no barakaah since you are bored of each other. Allah illuminates every nikkah with bounties of barakaah and blessing, yet you do not appreciate his mercy nor value it.

There is no barakaah in my life. I have lived for over three, four or perhaps five decades in this world, yet I am constantly stressed, worried, depressed and restless. I do not know what true happiness feels like. Problem after problem plagues at heart. Worry, sorrow and darkness engulf my soul. My mind is tired. I am unaware of how it feels to be at peace with myself and my Lord. I regret my life. I wish I could just end it all.

You neglected your salaah, you forgot to read your Quraan for over three years, you do not remember your creator but rather chase after his creation. You indulge in haraam, gossip, lie, ridicule, insult, hurt and hate alas your life will never have peace or be at ease. Do you not realise that you still have a purpose, your every heartbeat is begging you to turn back to your creator and seek his forgiveness, his mercy, his protection, his barakaah and his infinite love.

We complain about not having barakaah in our time, money, food, homes, marriage and life, yet Allah has beautifully gifted each one of us barakaah, happiness and peace every second of every day with each breath that we take and every sajdah that we make. Let us introspect and we shall discover that we have neglected to prioritise our creator hence we have forgotten to focus on what we have instead of chasing after what we think we need. Make the time to sit down and thank Allah for all that he has blessed you with for that will create gratitude in your heart and happiness in your life.

There is barakaah in every breath that you take, in every beat of your heart, in every word that you speak, in every step that you take, in every grain of food that you eat, in every smile from your spouse, in every cent in your pocket, in every healthy cell in your body, in every sajdah that you make, in every word of Allah that we read and in every day we are gifted to see another beautiful sunrise.

May Allah illuminate your heart, mind and soul with gratitude, happiness and peace always ameen.

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