Once there were two friends who decided to undertake a journey. However, one friend was blind but this did not faze him as he knew his friend could see. More important was that he trusted his friend with his life and believed totally that he would never allow any harm to come his way. The two friends set out on their journey early the next morning. At intervals they stopped and had something to eat before continuing. After having journeyed for a few more hours night began to fall. They stopped and decided to rest the night and continue on their journey the next morning. The night fell and together with it came a steep drop in temperature which was characteristic of the region they were in. Very soon it became icy cold and snow began to fall. It was only a matter of hours when the whole area was blanketed in thick heavy snow. The two friends spent the night in a tent which they had carried and decided that they would continue with the journey with daybreak of the next day.

 The two friends were awakened by the suns bright rays streaming into the tent the next morning. The friend who could see decided to quickly go and gather some firewood from a clump of trees nearby whilst his friend waited for him in the tent. As the blind friend sat in the tent he suddenly sensed something in the tent. He groped around and soon laid his hands on something long and hard. Thinking it was a piece of wood and one that would make a fine walking stick he held on to it. After all to a blind man a walking stick is something invaluable. Unbeknown to him he was in reality holding a deadly snake which had crept into the tent during the night and because of the freezing temperatures the snake froze to the point where it had become straight and stiff thus resembling a stick.

Not long after the friend returned with a load of firewood and on seeing his blind friend holding onto a deadly snake screamed at him to drop it immediately telling him that it was not a stick he was holding onto but instead it was a huge venomous snake which could kill him in an instant. At first the blind friend wanted to throw the snake but then suddenly a thought came to his mind. “What if it is not really a snake but a fine piece of wood which my friend wants for himself and therefore he has concocted this story knowing very well that I cannot see”! He became doubtful and held on to the snake telling his friend what he really thought. No matter how much his friend tried to convince him that it was a snake he was carrying and not a stick, the blind friend did not believe him. He just held onto the snake even tighter. On seeing his blind friends resolve to hold on to the snake, his friend kept a safe distance from him as they continued on the journey all the while admonishing him to let go of the snake but with no success.

Soon the sun began warming up and the snow around began melting. With the rise in temperature the snake regained its energy and began moving, much to the horror of the blind friend. On realising that his friend was telling the truth and that he was indeed holding onto a snake he immediately dropped the snake but it was too late. The snake had already bitten him.

As an ummah, individually and collectively our situation is very much alike on a metaphorical level. The world we live in is brimming with sin of unimaginable extents of course brought about by the influences of shaytaan who has beautified and glorified these and made us belief that our indulgence in these vices make us happy and is good for us. We have fallen into the traps and snares of shaytaan and have become blind to the deep and deadly dangers of these evils which lurk beneath the surfaces of each sin. Sins, heavily disguised and masked is the snake which we are holding onto.


On the other hand our Beloved Nabi Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam who knows that which we do not know is our true friend. Our Nabi Alaihis salaam has already seen Jannah and its many bounties and Jahanum and its countless horrors and like a true friend has our best interest at heart. Through his constant teachings he warns us of the deadly dangers of sin and draws our attention to the hidden harms thereof. Through his constant exhortations He encourages us to do righteous acts and promises us great rewards in the form of Jannah and its countless everlasting bounties and joys. He wants to save us from the horrifying and terrifying tortures of Jahannum and wants to see us entering Jannah. But we can only do this if we let go of the ‘snake’.

This is alluded to in the Qur’aan when Allah Ta’ala says:

“O Prophet, indeed We have sent you as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner And one who invites to Allah, by His permission, and an illuminating lamp.” (Suratul Ahzaab, verses: 45-46)


Sadly, shaytaan and his allies have influenced us to not trust him fully and placed in our hearts and minds doubts with regards to his teachings, even though we claim to love him and take him as our true and sincere friend. We are carrying the snake thinking it to be a fine piece of wood. It will only be a matter of time when the reality will be revealed but then it may be a bit too late. The deadly snake would have already injected its deadly venom into us! Isn’t it time we listen to our friend?

We live in times where vice is seen as virtue and virtue as vice which nothing but the resultant of the deception of the devil. We have become blind to the harms of sin and relentlessly indulge in them at alarming proportions all the while believing them to bring us good.  Our True Friend Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is no longer with us but his teachings he has left behind preserved with the greatest of accuracy and purity. They are as good as him talking to us.


 We need to listen to our friend heed his warnings before it is too late. The heat of death will soon reveal the reality of our walking stick and then it would be too late!

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